[Half Moon Bay] Spice Me Thai Cuisine

Short summary- nice cooking, but too sweet. Perhaps you can ask the kitchen to tone the sugar way down, then the pretty nice cooking can shine through more. One can clearly see from the menu that they are not the typical dumbed-down Thai restuarant that offers just curry in every color, pad thai, etc. Yes they do have those but they also try and have the skills to do more, if only they tone their use of sugar way, way back.

Kao soi:

Green curry:

Pad thai:

Moo pun- marinated pork

Moo ping- grilled pork skewer. Delicious dip.

Sanoi duck was pretty good. The fried garlic flakes on top was a nice savory touch.

Spice me fish. Fish was ok. I thought other dishes were stronger.


The owner looking lady though, didn’t look too hospitable. We were waiting for the restaurant to open, and she opened the door, glared at us and walked away. Downright didn’t seem to want to our group to eat here LOL.