Halal Snack Pack from CBD Kebabs [Melbourne]

I was in Melbourne recently and sampled an Australian delicacy called a halal snack pack, or HSP for short, at CBD Kebabs on Flinders Street. Here’s a Wikipedia article on this dish:

A HSP consists of a base layer of fries, or hot chips as I believe is what Australians call them, topped with a layer of shaved halal shawarma meat (beef, lamb, or chicken), and then topped with sauces - the classic combination of which is bbq sauce, hot chili sauce, and a garlicky white sauce. Maybe a little bit like a Middle Eastern version of carne asada fries?

CBD Kebabs is a tiny shop with a counter to order at, and a little space with a few chairs and tables next to it. They are open very late. I stopped by a little past midnight and got a small HSP (A$9) with lamb as the meat, and picked the standard bbq sauce, chili sauce, and garlic sauce as my toppings. It was meaty greasy potatoey deliciousness. Very juicy tender thinly sliced lamb shawarma and melted mozzarella cheese on top of some nice thick crispy fries. The combination of that and the mix of tangy bbq sauce, spicy chili sauce, and slightly cooler white garlic sauce slathered on top really hit the spot. Could not stop inhaling it. Great drunk food.


Bonus Shot of Flinders Street Station: