Hairy Biker Dave Myers has died.

It’s just been reported that Dave has died of cancer. His diagnosis and treatment has been a feature of his trip, with fellow biker, Si King, down the west coast of the UK in their latest food series - “The Hairy Bikers Go West”. Seems fitting that this will be the duo’s last series, as Dave is a fellow northwesterner and recent episodes have featured them visiting Lancashire - then the county of his birth - and Cumbria - where his home town was moved to in, I think, 1974.

He hasnt looked well in the programme so, perhaps, this isnt a great surprise. I’ll miss him - he and Si have been great advocates for British cuisine, both traditional and modern.



Yes, RIP.

Sad news, I always enjoyed their programs. I thought they had retired as I haven’t seen any new episodes on anything that I stream.

Such a shame. We have their pie & pastry cookbook.