Hainan Chicken House, Sunset Park

A recent lunch at Hainan Chicken House, a family-owned and -run Malaysian restaurant in Sunset Park: nasi lemak, featuring butterfly blue pea flower coconut rice; “Grandma’s curry puffs,” filled with curried potatoes, chickpeas, and onions; and a Japanese cheesecake with kaya crème anglaise and makrut lime leaf whipped cream. These were all weekend specials; the nasi lemak is likeliest to join the regular menu, but I wouldn’t count out Grandma.


Someone needs to teach the cook how to hard boil an egg.

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The cook knows how to hard boiled an egg. S/he just doesn’t know how to stop.


It is a new style of cooking. It is called: Cook your eggs to death

There’s a lot of cultural variation in what’s acceptable as a hard boiled egg. Most Asians and Indians wouldn’t bat an eye at the one pictured.

I know. I was making a joke.

How many hours do you think the eggs were cooked?

I can make an egg look like that in 10ish minutes, so 1 hour -50:00. Give or take.

@DaveCook, how was that blue rice? And were they serving the Hainan chicken? This looks like a must visit for us.

Good texture, lovely coconutty fragrance. Blue pea / butterfly pea flowers add natural color; it’s only for looks, but looks nice.

Yes, Hainan chicken as well as several other poultry entrees head up the regular menu. Knowing I could get these anytime, I decided not to pass up weekend specials. I’ll go back here!