Haagen-Dazs Now Makes Drumsticks!

Chocolate Haagen Dazs ice cream is what I usually buy when I buy ice cream, and the ice cream of these cones is inferior to that of the cartons. Same goes for the vanilla ice cream of the cones.

I stand corrected! Both in flavor and texture?

it’s the butter in the cones

Texture and flavor. The texture is more airy than regular Haagen Dazs, and the chocolate and vanilla flavors aren’t as outstanding. It’s not bad ice cream, just not as good as regular Haagen Dazs.

There’s some inconsistency with the cones, too. The first chocolate cone I tried had very little fudge sauce, but the next one I ate had quite a bit.


Nah, the cones themselves aren’t great, but that’s not what’s making the ice cream inferior to normal Haagen Dazs.

Sad to hear. I really like their ice cream bars and just assumed these would be “over the rainbow” good.

At least they haven’t gone over to the dark side by substituting “frozen dairy dessert” for ice cream. Yet.

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Give them a try. You might like them better than I did. I’m more of a straight ice cream type of person than a cone/bar person. I’d probably like them better if they weren’t $9 a box, too.

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Saw these on sale yesterday and bought a box of the Vanilla ones. Wow! Dunno what the toppings were… they seemed some weird kinda chocolate confection with weird brown sugar chunks, but it was no where near as good as just real chocolate and roasted nuts.

The ice cream was ok, but the layer of filling between the dome of ice cream and the cone was way too sweet, and didn’t taste of anything other than that.

But the worst part was the cone - which was not a buttery cookie… but more like dried, hard, tasteless cardboard.

I have always luv’d Haagen Dazs ice cream and bars, but the person in charge of this product should be fired!!!


Yeah, Haagen Dazs needs to trash those and start over. I didn’t think they were awful, but they were a big disappointment.

If your supermarket carries FatBoy cones, give those a try. I like them better than Drumsticks, Klondike cones, and for sure better than the Haagen Dazs cones. My Safeway only carries the Caramel Praline FatBoy cones. I 'd really like to try the other varieties of those.


Avoid these. I bought a box, and we were disappointed. The ice cream (mocha, IIRC) was ok, but the cone and toppings were terrible. The toppings were stale and mushy, and the cookie cone tasted blah. At $9 for four, not worth it.

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