[Ha Tien, Vietnam] Com - Pho 66

When preparing this trip, we had planned to pass the boundary of Cambodia and Vietnam by sea or by land so we would not waste too much time to get to Phu Quoc. I read numerous articles and was warned that the trip could be very unpleasant and long. With the help of the hotel, we reserved a trip with a mini bus, and brought us at the checkpoint. We needed to get out the bus and walked through the border check. There we waited at least 1 hour. There was no crowd, not much tourists, we wondered what kept us waiting for so long. They had a bit of trouble with the e-visa (applied online) of Mr. naf, they couldn’t accept the fact that we would only be staying in Vietnam for 1 week. After discussion among themselves, they decided to prolong it to a month! (Anyway, didn’t have any impact on our travel plan!)

Bye bye Cambodia:

Welcome to Vietnam! Very different style!

We arrived at Ha Tien around noon. Our first meal in Vietnam this trip was a pho at Com - Pho 66.

Pho Bo - Beef pho, the classic!

Pho Hai San - Seafood pho

Com - Pho 66
40 Bạch Đằng
Đông Hồ
Hà Tiên
tỉnh Kiên Giang