Ha Nam Ninh threatened by gentrification (again)

Thoughtful Jonathan Kauffman piece on the impact of greed and speculation on Tenderloin restaurants.

Long live #25 dry!

Set aside the rent amount being asked for, the minimum the landlord needs to do to justify a rent increase is to provide a usable space, not one that’s falling apart.

And the landlord is forgetting that there are already signs of trouble for the boom. All that perceived leverage in rent negotiation may be disappearing faster than thought.

How’s their bun ho hue mentioned in the piece?

It’s said to be the best in town, but has some problems:

  1. It’s only made on Fridays,
  2. it’s often sold out by noon, or
  3. they don’t make it at all on some Fridays.

I’ve struck out three times, and can’t tell you how good it is.

I should add that the original Ha Nam Ninh location is now occupied by Kyu3 Noodles & BBQ, which has arguably the best Thai boat noodles in town, so the felicific calculus is a wash, I’d say.

I don’t know what this means, but I’m looking at a closed ha nam ninh with all the lights on, sun shades drawn, no one inside, though stated hours say open until 9. Do they sometimes close when they please?

According to one of the comments to the SFGate article, the ceiling collapsed again yesterday and they will be closed for 2 weeks.

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@Bon Bon We’ve offered them that but they don’t want to be saddled w/ more debt. They need to keep their costs down but the landlord is making that very hard on them as their ceiling collapsed again yesterday. They will be closed for another 14 days.

I think the Nguyens are better off looking for a space that is not literally falling apart, even if its a less trafficked space. They are not well off financially and probably can’t afford looking into the clauses that are broken given the collapses, and unfortunately because of that, the landlord will probably get off easy, again.

Article is from yesterday- Kauffman said that while the building department allowed Ha Nam Ninh to keep operating while they repair the ceiling. Reopening today supposedly.

It’s heartbreaking but I give it 6-8 years before Little Saigon disappears altogether.

The truth is that “Little Saigon” is a bit of farce because its two blocks represent only a tiny subset of Vietnamese businesses scattered throughout the city. Its “gentrification” is probably as much a Lers Ros Thai trickle-down effect as anything else. (Just check out http://lersros.com/)