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I spoke about this in the Breakfast thread, but thought I’d report on it here, as I’d not seen a report on the new store. I’d only been to an H Mart once before, in Katy, TX, visiting a friend, about 20 years ago. Finally, we have one close by (i know there’s one in San Jose - that’s not close by for me)! I went on Sat. morning around 9:30, expecting big crowds (the branch just opened in April) but it really wasn’t that bad. I left at around 10:30, and by that time, there was a line around one side (inside) of the building to check-out, but it went really fast. I purchased pickled things (radishes, garlic, ginger, cukes, etc.) a bunch of cooked/pre-packed items, still warm, for lunch for my sister and I (way too much - fried wonton-like things, big, fat pork and chive dumplings, roasted pork, tempura shrimp, kimbap, shrimp shumai (or something), etc.) (their actual food court didn’t open until 11:00 a.m., so, next time!), some meats (bulgogi, pork belly, kalbi, etc.) to cook, veggies, dinosaur plums (pluots), Korean rice syrup, baked salmon, rice (they had a great deal on Sekko), crispy fried garlic, ssamjang, gochujang, different kinds of ramyun, Calbee seaweed potato chips, etc. I admit I went overboard - I mean, it’s not like they were shutting down the next day! and it’s only 13 minutes away from me.

The store is a wonder, of course, but also a bit overwhelming, as there are a myriad of things i don’t have any idea about, and there’s just SO MUCH of everything. There’s a whole wall of different choys (bok, pak, yau, etc.)!! there’s a live fish and crab section (people started lining up for that pretty quick), at least a couple aisles each of ramyun and Korean snacks, tea, sodas, frozen foods, and housewares. I could have spent all day, but I would have had to move out of my apt.

Glad to have this so close by.


Just went today and was overwhelmed! But it was fun and really interesting. I’m going to go again next week now that I’ve done my first visit.

Can you tell me where the area of the cooked/pre-packed items is? I didn’t see it - just some things laid out on tables near the meat department. Thanks.


that’s what it was, and some of the shelving back there by the meat as well. but those were mostly repeats of what was on the tables. the other cooked food is in their food court, which wasn’t open when i was there as it was too early. they open at 11, at least on Saturdays.

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Thanks. I bought some japchae which we’re having tonight along with the premarinated bulgogi and daikon kimchi I bought. Looking forward to it!

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I’ll be interested to read your review on H Mart’s jap chae. The stuff we’ve been getting from various restaurants in the EBay has been SUPER SWEET. Virtually inedible…ugh.

I hope it isn’t. I’m not a fan of sweet stuff. Will let you know.

I don’t have a lot of experience with jap chae, but I liked H Mart’s. It wasn’t sweet at all, at least to me. I did mix in some gochujang to liven it up a little, but I enjoyed it.

That’s great to hear. Thanks for reporting back! Let’s hope it can push a trend of Asian restaurants cutting back on the heavy use of white sugar in dishes that were never intended to be dessert-sweet.

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