Guy's Big H-Town Tour

Did anyone spy Guy this week as he slipped in and out of town? We had a Guy wannabe sighting near Lankford, but not the real hair.

That fellow who operates the Woodlands vast foodie FB page escorted him about up there apparently. That page - oof- it’s huge.

ANTYWAYS, here’s where he went:

Irma’s by the ballpark
Cool Runnings
Cafe Lili
The Original Marini’s Empanada House

I haven’t been to the last 4, but I just saw Q-Shi pop up recently on an instagram post. Cuchara disappointed the only time I ate there. I have fond memories of Irma’s back in the day, but sticker shock is an appropriate description. It’s the high price of real estate by the ball park I guess.

There are always new places opening in H-town, hard to keep up!

Not really a fan of his shtick, but I loved the places he visited on DDD. They’re my kind of joints.

In fact he featured two of my local favorites, (Kenny & Ziggys and Cafe Pita +), back in the day.

I expect quite a few places will get some national publicity with the Super Bowl Circus coming to town.

Have never been to Irma’s or Cafe Lili, though I’ve heard of both for years, and never heard of Q-Shi. I liked Cuchara but I’ve only been to the lunch special thing and part of it was the vibe. I’ve been going to Marini’s since the original location opened practically right across the street from me in 1973. Houston’s first Argentinian place, probably Houston’s first South American place and still some of the best empanadas in town. (Okay, I haven’t been in several years).

Cool Runnings is near me. I went once and wasn’t impressed but I have a friend who thinks it’s great. Jamaican food always sounds more interesting than it tastes to me.

25-K members of that FB group! Let’s see, now how many do we have here??? I’m still not a member of FB.

I also went to Irma’s way back when and remember cheese enchiladas being ok but not liking the lemonade. I also remember the sky high prices and never went back.

They get killed on yelp for the most part. Irma does respond to most of the negative reviews offering lots of vouchers for free apps or lunches but from the tone of the reviews I doubt many will take her up on her offer.

I am not familiar with this FB group, but my experiences with FB food groups is that most of them are chatty and short on specifics beyond ‘I like this place’ or a few pics of the food. Chowhound of old was way more useful.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr