Guy Fieri - chef?

Dont get me wrong here - I love watching “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives” (and have made a point of eating in a couple of featured places - and enjoyed the food both times).

But, on an episode I’ve just watched, Fieri says “As a chef, I …”

A look at his Wikipedia entry makes no mention of him ever cheffing for a living. Did he ever actually train/work as one? Or is this just a bit of TV puffery?

(By the by, I could offer you a well known British cookery book writer whose use of weasel words implies professional cheffing but the facts don’t stack up)

This is his restaurant. I doubt he’s in the kitchen that often, but since he owns the place and (presumably) developed the recipes, I guess he’s the chef.

I’m sure that if I owned a restaurant, I’d want to be involved in developing the dishes that went on the menu. But I don’t think it would make me a chef.

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I seem to recall hearing (though I can’t remember where) that he majored in Hospitality Management at UNLV. So he trained to run restaurants, but I don’t think he’s a chef.

Indeed so, the Management course is noted on his Wiki page. Prior to this he had been in France studying “cuisine”, returning to America “On his return to the United States, he worked at the restaurant at the Red Lion Inn in Eureka, California until going to Las Vegas for college”. There’s no info on what work he did at that restaurant.

Guy Fieri is an American restaurateur, among other things. Could his win on the 2nd season of FN Star have led to a chef title since his prize included a show on FN?

Irregardless, we call him one lucky son of a gun👍

I seem to remember him saying when he was a contestant on Next Food Network Star in 2006 that he was executive chef for the Johnny Garlic’s (and later Tex Wasabi) restaurants he co-founded in the mid 90s.

I’ve always hand an “active” hand in the menu, creation(s) and preparation of dishes at restaurants I have owned, however I would never, ever, call myself or consider myself a chef.

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That is a restaurateur.


Personally, John, I see nothing in his C.V. that would qualify him as a chef. Yes, a great interest in food, managing restaurants, restaranteur etc., but I don’t think he deserves the title of, ‘chef.’

And how many of us knew this…>Fieri changed his surname, Ferry, back to his family’s original surname, Fieri, when he got married in 1995, in order to honor his immigrant great-grandfather, Giuseppe Fieri.<