Guttenberg Turkish?

Anybody have suggestions for Turkish or other places to eat in this part of NJ?

Ex-BF grew up there and it’s been a long time since I’ve been, but Bergenline Avenue is where EVERYTHING is… and many places have been there forever, so it’s worth doing a search on here to see if there are mentions. Not sure if I’m making it up, but I feel like someone recently went to Sabor Latin Bistro and said it’s still great… and if you’re in Guttenberg/No Bergen, you’re close to Fort Lee, where there’s a ton of Asian food. If I can recall any other specifics, I’ll let you know. @joonjoon any recs to offer?

I’m not good with my North Jersey geography. Is Paterson too far from Guttenberg for you? There are lot of Turkish/Middle Eastern restaurants along Main Street.

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Patterson shouldn’t be more than 15–20 minutes, but it depends on traffic! That said, I completely agree with you about the options there!


Normally Paterson would be on our radar, great for shopping too. But we live in Manhattan and were in the neighborhood for a kids thing…so…


Oh. That does add some complexity. Good luck with your search.