Gustazo - Cambridge

Started a new post, rather than combing with the older Waltham location thread.

I’ve never been to the Waltham location (or any older location). Took my team out to dinner here Tuesday night and we had a blast! Food was wonderful, and we all ate way too much. We were starving when we got there, so we probably went overboard on ordering.

I didn’t know much other than they served Cuban food, but was delighted that they had an interesting cocktail menu, and some really tempting non-alcoholic beverages too. The only mis-step here is that they ran out of ingredients for 2 of the 4 non-alcoholic offerings. A bummer because I really wanted to try them; the strawberry drink I did have was delicious.

We ordered about 8 tapas AND a large plate to split for 3. The chicharrones, ceviche of the day (halibut), maiz frituras (sp?) were particularly memorable. All the dishes were very tasty. We also had the glazed ribs, roasted cauliflower, fried yuca, and tamal. The large plate was a slow roasted pork that was so succulent and soft, served with rice and maduros. The maduros were fabulous.

For a crappy weather night, we thought it would be quiet, but this place was packed by the time we left. I wonder if that is typical, or if there was also a holiday, post work crowd. This did lead to some slow service at the end, but they were on top of everything when it was quieter. There is free parking in the back for dinner, but I wonder if that is allowed during the day as it appears to be employee parking for workers in that office building. It’s also a short walk from Porter Square T stop.

All in all, a big thumbs up!


Great report! Sounds like a must-try for us.

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Great write up. The are only open for dinner so daytime parking is a non issue.

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Fabulous report, thanks so much! I believe they are packed a lot of the time, twice I looked to make a reservation and there was no availability. I am a huge fan of the Waltham location and definitely want to try Cambridge. What were the noise levels like? (They are bad in Waltham.)

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It wasn’t too bad, even when it got packed. We started really early at 5:30pm, and there were only 2 other tables and folks at the bar. There is decent spacing to most of the tables so I found noise level to be good. It’s not quiet by any means, but you didn’t have to shout to be heard.


Hopefully it will be better after the move to Garcia Brogan’s old space.

?? Tell us more please…

The Waltham Gustazo location is still open, but they are planning to move to the old Garcia Brogan location (bigger) on Moody street (maybe 2 blocks from the old location, just across the bridge on Moody). The construction has been ongoing (or at least the windows have been blocked for a while). I don’t think they have announced when the official move will happen yet.


They have started advertising for staff, so I’m guessing not far off.