Gumbo Social [San Francisco, Bayview]

I guess they were at farmers markets and doing pop-ups and now have a permanent space, but are still open limited days for now so check days/hours. No liquor license but I did see a table bring in a bottle of wine.
Smoked turkey gumbo was delicious with a deep soulful roux and smokey turkey, (they were out of chicken sausage gumbo at 7:00). Good red beans and rice, it said with duck but I couldn’t really tell. Grilled shrimp po-boy was excellent with a spicy remoulade on a bed of carrot cabbage slaw. Drink of the day was a not too sweet watermelon strawberry sort of aqua Fresca. Got a banana pudding to go for later. Everything tasted homemade, in a good way. Dozens of different hot sauces to try (but oddly no Crystal - maybe it was on other tables). Will definitely return.


Looks good but no prices listed here or online are a big turnoff for me.

Yeah I don’t know why they didn’t list prices - here’s my receipt, the $10 was for the banana pudding.


Addendum - the banana pudding was excellent. From Yes Pudding, they have a counter at the Ferry Building.