[Gulfport, MS] Mugshots

Mugshots is a mini-chain with outlets in Louisiana and Mississippi. Now, I’d have to say that sports bars serving food are not my usual first choice for dinner. However, it’d been a long day and Mugshots was only a couple of minutes walk from the Hampton.

It’s noisy and, for me, distracting – particularly as the various TV sets were simultaneously showing three different American football games. Now, that’s a game which people have tried to explain to me with as much success as I might have had explaining cricket to them.

But the food is actually spot-on. The menu has a few appetisers but it’s mainly a good variety of burgers and other sandwiches. My burger was a solid 8oz and came with no topping other than a heavy slathering of crunchy peanut butter (there’s smooth for wimps). I’d not come across that combination before and wasn’t sure how well it would work. It worked well – the sweetish, claggy texture of the peanut butter actually was a good counterpoint to the very savoury burger. The bun stood up to the task, failing to fall apart halfway through eating it. Instead of fries, I took this with a simple side salad which was fine – just lettuce with a nice (now forgotten) dressing

Across the table, a BLT was a nicely balanced version, the inclusion of cheese giving it something of a different edge. Fries were good, if a little overly salty for our tastes.

On this trip to America, we had spent a few nights in Mississippi but this this was the first time we’d seen the Mississippi mud pie on the menu. So, it just had to be ordered. Now, never having eaten it before, I’ve no idea how good a version it was. But I do know I enjoyed it – crisp base, sweet gooey chocolatey filling, drizzle of chocolate sauce.

Service was excellent – the young woman appeared at our table, as if by magic, at exactly the time something needed doing.