Guinness IPA Nitro

I tasted this new product from Guinness yesterday. The worst beer I have ever tasted. I looked at their web page reading the description they gave. Nothing was further from the truth, what they described did not jive with what I tasted. The IPA is terrible. No hops, no flavor, no lingering taste, the nitro aspect does not work since it is in a can. If anyone here reps for Guinness, get in touch. I have questions.

Can’t stand the creamy mouthfeel of nitro beers. What were they thinking? Seems like a bad idea to nitro up a grassy IPA. Thanks for the warning.

There is no hoppy grassyness or resin or anything. There is not even any taste. It is truly a very bad poorly made beer. First going organic now a beer that is not what they claim it to be.

The original Guinness Nitro is pretty good. It’s supposed to have that creamy head. Haven’t heard of the IPA, but I’m a sucker for them so I’ll have to give this one a try.

I find the whole idea of a Guinness IPA to be ludicrous. In the same boat as their Guinness Gold garbage.

Is their current marketing department too young to recall New Coke?