Gugu Room Filipino-Japanese [LES]

Tried Gugu Room a couple of weeks ago.
Overall impression was positive, we’ll be back.

The menu ranges from Filipino to Japanese with a few overlaps.

Our favorites were the Filipino-leaning dishes. Beef Salpicao was fantastic - beefy, mushroomy, the marrow added something though I wanted more marrow than the tiny amount in the bone provided. The only miss was that the accompanying side of garlic rice wasn’t really garlicky at all.

We got the small skewer sampler with beef (very good), pork belly (good, but a bit chewy), sausage (very good), and shrimp (very good).

Karaage was good, as expected, but with an unusual lemony sauce. (I asked for and received togarashi.)

The yellowtail collar was fine, but I’ve had many better.

Cocktails were excellent.

We skipped the adobo wings and cod or mushroom sisig because we thought it would be too much, but we should have gotten one or both and taken home leftovers!

Apparently I didn’t take a lot of pics :roll_eyes: