Guess the origin of these dishes - Quiz

Hello guys!

I just made a new food quiz on our quiz site and thought that you might enjoy it. There you need to guess the right origin of some well-known foods and dishes such as Ceviche or Borscht. Let me know what you think, I can also let you know some of the right answers if you fail with some questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Enter the quiz here:


Got three wrong. System doesnt tell you which ones.

Anyone know where pavlova was invented?

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Anna Pavlova:
On a trip to Australia or New Zealand.
1906 Approximately.

Could be incorrect … ?

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I guessed New Zealand so that can’t have been one of my wrong ones.

Sorry, the quiz is deliberately designed to make users click (like multi page slide show articles) and too slow.


I also noted the “continue” button seemed a bit slow to load. Presumably intentional to hold you on a page so you look at the adverts.


I missed three too, and would have liked a list of results at the end as well.
Others are correct about the site. It’s really pretty slow, and the clickbait is a wee bit over the top, I must say, although I realize people need to earn a living.


Came here to say this. I answered the first question and immediately got sick of the slow-loading and click-heavy site. It’s a rather ham-handed attempt at goosing page views.