GrubHub on Amazon

Right now Amazon Prime members can get GrubHub free for a year. GrubHub is regularly $9.99 a month. We signed up. We’ve never used GrubHub but i guess we’ll try it out now.

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I’m interested to know how much you end up saving. Because I seem to remember delivery fees plus service fees plus mandatory tip (not that I’m not going to voluntarily tip) - which of these do you no longer have to pay?

I really dont know but if it doesnt cover the delivery fees we wont be using it.

They pay their drivers garbage, but I suppose that’s par for the course at any gig job these days.

I have two problems with Grubhub.

  1. They “sign” up restaurants without the restaurant’s knowledge. Grubhub will deliver food from restaurants that refuse to partner with them.
  1. This isn’t necessarily a Grubhub issue, per se, but most delivery services are about as competent as a mime trying to sing the national anthem. Orders come without utensils, or wrong items, and sometimes they don’t come at all …

Good luck to you John. Enjoy, but caveat emptor.


GeybHub has tried to sign us up a few times but their fees to restaurants are exorbitant.

I signed up for this last month but they don’t have many restaurants in my area. Unlikely to ever use them.

This is really good to know. I use seamless/Grubhub all the time. Was able to link my accounts. Saving on the service and delivery fees is sweet.

That old article from the motley crew fools didn’t bother me much. If a restaurant isn’t in their system but if you ordered from it, I am not to bothered by the impact on the restaurant if the service is going to call in and pick it up. Actually better for that restaurant because they don’t pay the vig to the delivery service. I doubt this is happening now though. All the food delivery companies are focused on improving their margins and actually making money since endless amounts of VC money is no longer there to subsidize customers.

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