Grub Hub (NJ Edition)

Is Grub Hub new in our area or am I way late to the dance? I have the Uber Eats’s, (mostly fast food), Door Dash (mostly fast food and very limited options) but last night I downloaded Grub Hub. OMG I’m in LOVE!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

If ever there was ever proof there is a God and he is a loving God it is Grub Hub. Where else can a fat man sit on his couch in the comfort of his own home and with a few clicks of the thumb order a Portuguese feast to be delivered to his door??? ( Europa Grille is on Grub Hub!!!)

I think I’m going to come out with Grub Hub Platinum, that’s where you place your order, then contact us @ Grub Hub Platinum, we meet the delivery man at the door and then we shovel the paella directly into your mouth so you don’t even have to put the remote down to eat!!!

Seriously though, my first time using the app and it was great, the food was actually very good which was a relief since that place has been hit or miss.


You’re way late to the GrubHub dance. Uber Eats is newer.

How long has it been available in the area? I knew Uber Eats just started in the area, that’s why I downloaded it, but they have very limited options.

im a seamless web guy from my city days. use it for patrizias of rb a lot. even better when I find a 10% off code

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Patrizias will deliver to me apparently. I live in the farther side of Middletown (navesink)

What’s good for delivery? I just got a message I can get 10 off too. I might have to try this out today.

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Our favs are the insalatta mela , chicken Milanese which comes with a good side salad too, pence vodka, love he bread and dipping sauce they give you. Meatballs and fried calamari ar really good too. Can’t speak to how itnwi travel to Navesink area though. We’re like less than 10 min away. Just basic stuff but done really well.

The Nutella thing for desert is really good too

We’ve been using GrubHub since at least August 2014.

Agree Uber Eats is limited but the restaurants seem to be a little more upscale. I think the options will grow.