Grocery store finds

This thread is quite lively on the SF board- so starting the same thread here to encourage the conversation.

What good stuff are folks finding in the grocery stores recently?

I’m always on the lookout for bbq sauce that’s not sticky sweet and with unique flavor profiles. Found Motherlode’s Rocky Mountain Style BBQ sauce in Fairway and I"m hooked not only on the taste (great as the liquid in pressure cooker pulled pork and added after it’s done) but on the fragrance in my house during cooking.

Only 4 gms of sugar per 2 TBS, as compared to HFCS loaded Sweet Baby Ray’s with 16 gms.

Mike’s hot honey (used at Paulie Gee’s on pizza) is now at nyc trader joe’s locations-likely for a limited time. It’s $6.99 at trader joes and $10-13 elsewhere.

Yeah, I made a trip to Sahadi’s just to get this, paid 10 bucks for the bottle, then immediately walked across the street to TJ’s and there it was on the shelf for $6.99. It was the very first day they started carrying it (I have notoriously shitty timing). I was so annoyed, but it was too hot to go back to Sahadi’s & deal with a return.

Only there for a limited time?

Good to see you here :slight_smile:
Sahadi’s is one of my favorite places i never go to! (Epic schlep from my apt)
TJs has so many temporary products that i’m not convinced it will stick around. I saw it online for $13! I’m thinking i’ll pick up a few as novelty NY gifts to give at xmas to my family in CA (i do this every year but ummm 17yrs later i’ve had to get creative!)

The trip to my mom’s place from here qualifies as an epic schlep - she’s on the UES. But I just assumed you were downtown/East Village-ish based on your comments about places in the area…?

Anyway I’ll probably grab a couple of extra bottles of Mike’s the next time I make it to a TJs. I don’t want to miss out on that price. And I like the idea of it as a local gift for your CA contingent!

I lived downtown for years but now i’m in harlem, i go to the uws TJs. Actually… I follow this really clever/funny TJs blog and swapped honey with her :slight_smile:

Chop’t is using this on a grain salad, too, but i haven’t tried it. is it worth it?

also, hi, TTrw.

Edit: first time commenting here. was expecting this to be a reply to ttrockwood’s comment about Mike’s Hot Honey.

Hey! Welcome :))
That worked as a reply to me- the format just pops it at the bottom of the thread.
I’m almost never at Chop’t but sounds worth a try, the hot honey is sweet (duh) but the kick from the spice balances it well- would definitely perk up your basic grains. I’ve been adding a bit to plain greek yogurt with apple lately.

Ttrockwood, I’m glad you’re here, as you’re one of the nicest posters on the Chowhound Manhattan board.

Perhaps you’d like to start a thread with your favorite Harlem eateries. I’d like to read that. I know we both love Zoma, but I’m not sure I know which other Uptown places you like.

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Ah, okay. Then it is legitimately an epic schlep for you to get here :wink: I’ve only been to the UWS TJs once and it was right after I got back from living in California for 13 years. I was so thrown by having to take an escalator down to the produce section. Same thing with the USQ Whole Foods - it just seems counterintuitive somehow to shop for all the fresh stuff below ground, away from natural light.

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If you prefer a Whole Foods with natural light, try the one in Brooklyn. They have a farm on the roof.

Well, let’s just say that harlem thread would be really short…!! I’ve had 50/50 hits and misses…

Still worth starting a thread if you feel inspired.

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Oh it was just a general observation. I live in Brooklyn, so that’s the WF I usually go to :slight_smile: But thanks!