Grocery shopping in Ontario: a skyrocketing price thread

Loblaws Companies Limited, the corporate person.

I am not sure what Loblaws’ pronouns are, to be honest.

If you mean the corporate citizen, pretty sure that’s they/them/their. The human aspect is explicit. If you mean the company, that’s an it. The human aspect is implicit.

No, this is what I’m talking about.

Capacity and Powers

15 (1) A corporation has the capacity and, subject to this Act, the rights, powers and privileges of a natural person.

That is and always will be a terrible law given birth in the US to aid their ability to influence elections. This is not something I would cite to demonstrate fairness.

I think we should agree to disagree.

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Content to agree to disagree. :slight_smile:

I understand disliking a corporation and disliking or hating its owners or founders.

I hate Walmart, dislike what Walmart has done to shopping in rural and small town North America, and I dislike the Walton family immensely, despite not knowing them personally.

These are the businesses where I will not spend money:
Bar Mercurio on the north side of Bloor (not Espresso Bar Mercurio on the south side, which is owned or run by the sister)

I don’t hate Costco, but I quit Costco after the closer London location ticked me off. Mostly because they wouldn’t put barriers to make the entrance safer after a pregnant woman was struck and her toddler killed when a car accidentally drove into the entrance, and partly because there was no express lane and the majority of Costco customers in LdnOnt won’t offer to let a customer with 4 items ahead in line when they themselves have over 40 items to purchase. The other customers have better manners at Metro, Sobeys, FarmBoy, Loblaws, SuperStore and my indie Remark.

Whole chickens were $2.99 Cdn/lb at Farm Boy yesterday, and Rao’s pasta sauces were on sale for $9.99 Cdn from $12.99 Cdn.


Loblaws and Your Independent Grocers have English cucumbers on sale for $0.99 each this week. The sale is on in their Ottawa locations. One of our independent grocers (Produce Depot) has peppers on sale for $1.29/lb.


Bargain of the week at Metro has to be the prime rib roast at roughly half off. A small, about 3 lb roast is going for $23.62 or $25.45 for the easy-carve version.

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Another intriguing, ’ Shock & Awe ’ selection of JAPANESE fruits and produce from Freshway Foodmart.

  • $200 for a 300g box of Cherries!
  • $88 for a Water Melon the size of a Honeydew
  • Japanese Pineapple?! at $19.88 per pound
  • Sweet corn on the cob @ $10.98 each

Also, unique find at this ’ Chinese Supermarket ‘…’ Cinco Jotas ’ whole leg of Jamon Iberico Pata Negra de Belotta at $1999.99 or vacuum pack of hand-carved slices @ $99.99 a pack.


I’ll bet it doesn’t even come close to Brown’s farm corn. Brown’s is the absolute best corn, bar none, that I have ever tasted. I’ll always be thankful to the friend that suggested the place to me. Now I can hardly wait until summer.

Is the corn ’ non-GMO '?!

Good question. I’ll have to ask them when they open.

Prices keep going up, don’t they?

I’ve been amazed by the cheap price of cherries this season. Often $3.99/lb.

I’m paying $5.50/ quart of local strawberries at Remark Fresh Market, my indie grocer in London.

Local asparagus had been $3.99-$5.99/lb throughout May to mid July. My indie grocer in London has switched back to Mexican asparagus, and they’re charging $8.99/lb ! :exploding_head: I don’t like the taste of Mexican asparagus. I’m just amazed anyone will pay that 2 weeks after the local asparagus has left the stores.

I have been watching the price of the Pringles set of 12 mini cans. We buy them because it’s a little easier for portion control, even though they are obviously more expensive than the $3.29 can at the grocery store.

This was interesting to me.
Loblaws $6.99
Sobeys $7.29
Superstore $7.49
The Superstore looks like a better deal -type of store, and it is for some produce and meats, but watch the prices of the pantry items.

I can usually only find the mini packs at chain grocery stores.

I will add the Metro price on mini cans next time.

I recently stepped into the FoodBasics on Bathurst near College, and the produce was awful. The tomatoes looked ready for the compost. The Metro in Little Italy is pretty nice, nicer than the Metro at Bloor and Spadina. I mostly shop at Fiesta Farms when I’m in Toronto, when I need a full service grocery store.


Not in ON, but leeks have gotten me angry lately. They’ve gone from US $2 per bunch of 4-5 to $2 per single stalk. I asked the produce manager if there was some mistake and he just shook his head and said “Sadly, no”.

Even the leeks themselves are pretty upset about this:


I will check the price next time. I usually was paying around 3 leeks for $5 Cdn last winter.

At the Farmers’ Market, large beefsteak tomatoes are costing 3 for $10 Cdn.

Peaches were $9/ 3 L basket last weekend.

Corn price varies. The best I’ve found is 13/$9 at my local Dutch garden centre/berry farm.

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Leek price has been steady at 4.99 for 4 pieces both zt No Frills and Metro,here in York Region


Good to know! I know Metro’s prices vary quite a bit, from location to location. I will check next time I’m at Metro.

I usually buy my produce at Fiesta Farms, Farm Boy, London’s Remark Fresh Market, or Farmers’ Markets, because I’ve had better luck with their produce.

I was boggled by prices at the “Farmers Market” that comes to our retirement community here in Maine once a month in the summer. Was here last Monday. I got a handful of yellow/wax beans, another handful of small carrots, one lb. of new potatoes, a single zucchini & a dozen farm eggs. Came to US$21.50 which is $28.29CN according to today’s currency rate. Don’t remember the prices other then the Zuke $2each & eggs $5/dozen.


Some farmers’ markets certainly rip people off.

That said, I spend about $60-$80 most times I visit.
Last week, $6 for a quart of mushrooms, $10 for 6 tomatoes, $4 for 5 small zucchinis, $3.50 for a quart basket of new potatoes.

2lb fruit pies cost around $15-$20.

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Yeah, I thought the eggs were reasonable for farm fresh but everything else was :scream:

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