Grocery Outlet [Oakland/Bay Area] September, October, November, December 2017

The Oakland Grocery Outlet still has senior 10% discount days (55 and older) on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 8 am to 12 pm. It’s the only store that I know of that continues the semimonthly special.

Here are some shaky cell phone pictures from today. Haven’t tried the harissa yet.

Grocery Outlet
2900 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611

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Does anyone know if that that Italione olive oil is any good (relative to the elaborate packing)?

I saw the Colavita oil. They are best before Nov 2017. Not sure when it was produced as I couldn’t decipher the production code.

Palo Alto GO:

Organic Golden Berries from Peru, half pound package. Earth Circle Organic $9.99. Rainbow’s bulk ones taste slightly better and are smaller, but the difference is not big. What is Rainbow’s price for golden berries again?

POM pomogranate blueberry juice, 1.4L $4.99.

Palo Alto GO:

Kettle organic potato chips- jalapeno, sea salt & vinegar 5 oz $1.99

Mochi icecream- strawberry, vanilla, green tea $3.49

Straus cookie & cream 1 qt $3.99

Perrier 4 pack lime sparkling water $1.79

The one is Redwood City has the same thing on second and fourth Thursday of the month.

What thing?

Senior discount

South Van Ness:

Galbani mozzarella logs, 12 oz for $2.50 (TJ’s similar mozzarella is 16 oz for $6)
Principe prosciutto (best by end of the month) was discounted to $3 for 3oz! (Usual GO price is $5 and typical grocery store price is $10.) I stocked up.
Columbus dry salami/jack cheese panino, $2 for 6. Hadn’t seen these for awhile.
Perrier lime in glass bottles, $1.79/4
Vita Coco coconut water, $7/12 (330 mL tetra paks)

I passed on those San Bernardo ice creams (they also had a different brand with similar flavors in a larger tub which has the same distributor and which I think may be the same manufacturer). Despite the appealing flavors, the ice cream is full of stabilizers. Decided it wasn’t worth $2.50 when lots of their pints have previously been $2.

Principe prosciutto is now up to $3.98 from $2.98 (same best by date of 11/28/17). Perhaps it’s just because it’s the GO I visit most often, leading me to pay more attention to the items they stock, but I have noticed that the owners of this one seem to be rather quick to raise prices on items that sell faster than they expected. For whatever reason they hiked their price on La Croix by 10% and it remains 10% higher than for the same seltzer at the Geary GO. Annoying.

Redwood City: today 1 lb pkgs of organic chia seed with long dating for $1.99. Seems like a great price to me… Also enormous heads of cauliflower for 99 cents. :blush:

Argentine wild caught red shrimp pieces $6.99/lb at PA.

Is it my GO only or is the surprise less than inspiring these days?

For the most part, I am seeing more interesting finds at Grocery Outlet. There is more organic produce (apples, pears, dried apricots) at good prices, lots of coconut-based products (milk substitutes, mayonnaise), what I call exotics (spirulina, chia seeds), Bragg sauces, (vinaigrette, soy-amino). A few months ago saw Rizzoli anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea near Spain which were regularly $5 in Rockridge but GO had them for about $.50 each because they were up against the “Best by” date. I bought almost 100 tins.

Several stores had San Miguel Dark beer in a 12x11.2 oz. carton for $10. The wines are an adventure and am educating my palate by picking up bottles almost at random and then comparing my notes to those online. A passable carton of light beer with 24x12 oz. cans was $4. Organic soups in tetrapaks are solid and convenient.

My routine is to hit the Oakland GO on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday mornings of the month for the 10% senior discount, the larger GO in the City of Richmond (San Pablo Ave and MacDonald) maybe once a week, and every once in a while a voyage to the SF store on Geary at 28th Ave where I have had some good luck on gourmet items (Rizzoli anchovies) which were no longer available at the other stores.

Maybe I’ll hit the stores again and do a survey for a new 2018 GO thread.

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