Grocery Outlet March/April 2017 (SFBA)

I’m jazzed that the Grocery Outlet on Van Ness finally opened, and stopped by for a first look. They’ve got a lot of space, a parking lot, and the expected assortment of good deals.

What special items are people seeing at other locations? Here’s a quick rundown of what caught my eye:

  • Beyond Meat Vegetarian Korean BBQ and Vegetarian Indian Curry ($1.99 if I remember right)
  • Jules Organic Ice Cream (how is that stuff?)
  • TCHO Origins Mocha Milk Chocolate, $1.99 (mmm… heavenly)

At Palo Alto GO:

6 pack San Pellegrino Clementina 330ml cans. $2.99

Endangered Species hazelnut/ almond spread with cocoa. $.99 275g

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There’s a Grocery Outlet on Van Ness?

South Van Ness, actually

Mission GO:

McVitie’s digestive biscuits (chocolate flavored), $1.99
Krave jerky (chili lime, sweet teriyaki, sweet chipotle), $3.99 (it appears they raised the price a dollar per package - it was $2.99 for the black cherry bbq flavor a few weeks ago)
Genoa Salami, sliced, $5.99 for two pounds, local. Liked this although I wish it were sliced a little bit thinner.

Also noticed that they still have the Delices de Paris almond financiers and added brownie bites made in France by the same company.

AHA! That’s a distinction WITH a difference. To old-timers like me, South Van Ness is an entirely different street on a different planet.

Mission GO:

Ghirardelli Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips 12 oz bag = $2.99

Madcasse Sea Salt and Nibs Dark Chocolate Bar = $1.99

Planter’s Salted Mixed Nuts 6 oz. can = $0.99

La Panzanella Mini Croccantini Original Crackers = $2.99

I buy the chocolate chips (normal retail $3.29-3.99) and crackers ($3.99-5.99) regularly elsewhere and was excited to see them. I haven’t tried the Madcasse chocolate yet.

I don’t eat a lot of ice cream, but they had some of the nicer ones mentioned in other Gross Out threads. The store is new and clean, but most of the produce was in bad shape, moldy or shriveled.

I like walking the aisles at the GO to see which food products didn’t quite make it on normal store shelves. The biggest head scratcher of this trip was Delighted by Dessert Hummus - Brownie Batter Hummus. Eek.

I did get an email that said that they have Challenge unsalted butter on sale for $2.99/lb this week, which is a good deal.

The GO at 1245 South Van Ness has Yuzu mayonnaise in a squeeze bottle - it 's not at the GO on Geary and 27th Avenue.

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Some good finds on S Van Ness:
Steve’s caramel ice cream for $2.50/ pint. I’ve seen this for as much as $10 elsewhere and it’s pretty good.

Endangered species dark chocolate with crunchy mint bits, $.99

8 oz halloumi for $2.49, expires in December, might be the best find I’ve ever seen at GO

Yup, I bought two bottles of the yuzu mayo but have yet to try it. It was around 75% off. (Everything I’m describing here was bought at the Mission location.)

They raised the price on the Krave jerky from $2.99 to $3.99. That takes it from “pretty good deal” to “meh” in my book.

Principe prosciutto is back.

The Haagen Dazs black cherry amaretto gelato wasn’t perfect, but was still super addictive for some reason. The amaretto flavoring is just a tiny bit artificial-tasting to me, yet I couldn’t stop eating the stuff.

I also picked up the Vallee de l’Ourthe rhubarb-raspberry jam, but haven’t opened it yet. Wonder if they will get any of their other products in besides strawberry - their website shows they also have acerola cherry, rhubarb/apricot, and greengages jams in addition to more typical flavors.

Slight discount for Bundaberg ginger beer at $5.99 for 4. (Palo Alto)

$2.99 32oz odwalla juice, blueberry monster and another flavor. not sure if its new since i don’t usually look at the refrigerated section

$1.99 Luke’s veggie sunsticks

PA location

Nongshim champong noodle $2.49 4 pack

South Van Ness location:

Arborio rice, 36 oz for $2.99
Kara coconut water from Indonesia, $1 - bought this because Kara makes high-end coconut milk in tetra paks, but it’s no better than most brands of coconut water
Nature Valley chocolate oat cereal, 2/$1 - this fell into the “on closeout for good reason” category. it’s like an inferior, chocolatey version of Cracklin’ Oat Bran; the chocolate-drizzled oat squares get mushy quickly when milk is added and do not have a particularly pleasant crunch when dry, either
Casa de Milo pastas including squid ink nerelli and spaghetti, $1.99 or $2.49

McCann’s steel cut oatmeal- 28 oz
McCann’s quick & easy irish oatmeal- 24 oz

Both $1.99 at Palo Alto.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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