Grocery Outlet 2020 [Bay Area]

Turns out they have Teapigs in the Hayward GO, but just the English Breakfast and the Apple Cinnamon. Picked up some of the former for work.

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I’ve never tried them. How are they?

I’ve found the quality to be very good.

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Recently at the Richmond Grocery Outlet on San Pablo Avenue at Macdonald Avenue:

The store was a little busier than usual for a midweek afternoon and the shelves appeared fully-stocked.

Dairy/Dairy Alternatives:

$1.49 SO Delicious Organic Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative, Unsweetened, 24 oz., no vanilla added, Best By March 25, 2020.

$2.99 Graziers Grass-Fed Non-homogenized Whole Milk Plain Yogurt, from Sierra Nevada Cheese Co., 24 oz., Best By April 28, 2020.

$1.99 Hope Organic Sesame Milk, 33.8 oz., Best By 07 03 20, Has added pea protein and sugar, with about 2x the fat and protein of regular almond milk, tastes creamier, made in Canada by Hope and Sesame. I use about 3 oz. as a creamer in morning coffee with good results. Found on shelves above the freezer sections, no refrigeration needed until opened.

50 cents, Pirq Protein Drink with almonds, curcumin, maca with almond flavor. Sweetened with erythritol and stevia. 11 oz., Made in Canada by DrinkPirq, refrigerate TetraPak after opening, good meal substitute for on-the-go.

$3.99 (or maybe $2.99, I lost the receipt) Anchor Cheddar Cheese from New Zealand with vegetarian rennet, 1.1 lbs. Many of Anchor’s other products are organic or grass-fed, though this block cheese isn’t labelled as such but has nutty taste - for less than $4 (or $3) per pound, is quite a deal.


$2.99 Wild PLanet Skinless Boneless Sockeye Salmon with no salt added, 6 oz. can with pop-top. From Alaska, Best By 06 2020. Wild Planet usually turns out quality fish in tins.


99 cents Colamecco’s Dried Uncured Chorizo, no nitrate or nitrites added, 3 oz., from Wellshire, Best By March 28, 2020.


99 cents (?) Sejoyia Coco-Thins Salted Caramel Cashew Cookies, 3.5 oz., Best By Sep 10, 2020. Made with organic coconut, cashews, organic coconut sugar, cassava flour and sea salt, lower in carbs than usual for a cookie. Tastes like a thin, crispy coconut macaroon, I like it, will dip it into my sesame milk coffee tomorrow morning.

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GO in Hayward has plenty of milk, eggs (including pasture-raised eggs), other dairy products, meat, etc. No #$%# toilet paper though.

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Lots of goodies today at the Palo Alto GO. My store has been a little lacking recently of yummy stuff.

First, the essentials:

Then, bronze die pastas. I haven’t seen pasta at GO for weeks.


That one on the right with the cacao bean on the package is not bad:

Has anyone tried this baking chip?

Ice cream:


Damn nice haul @sck, I was at G.O. on Bayshore Blvd. in SF on Tuesday and they didn’t have most of the things you posted, certainly no TP or paper towels.

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Yesterday at the PA store. Its a pretty good haul:

Pretty cheap for the Laura Chenel goat cheese log.

I got the finocchiona, though I haven’t opened.

Why is Grocery Outlet selling Whole Foods chocolate?!

Plenty of rice in small 5 lb bags.

Uglies potato chips in various flavors:



Great price for 3L tin of Monini Italian extra virgin olive oil. Reviews for it on Amazon was 4.5 and also $50 there.


Nice! What city is this in?

Richmond/El Cerrito location at 12010 San Pablo Ave

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I’ve established that my cats would rather starve than eat the Paul Newman liver cat food I bought at the Richmond GO. They just look at me reproachfully. Hope my Chewy order hurries up.

On the other hand, there was a good selection of milk, half and half and eggs.

You didn’t impress on them that it was Paul Newman’s Own? And all profits benefited the Hole In The Wall Gang. Maybe they just don’t know… :thinking:

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Lots of canned Illy iced coffee plus ground coffee at the Hayward GO, along with Kashi blueberry waffles at $1.99/box.

From the PA store:

Has anyone tried this cheese?

Straus icecream:

Lots of Jonny pops.

What does tumeric pasta taste like?

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Somewhat slim pickings these days at Grocery Outlet. These were from the PA store over the weekend.

Sockeyes are back.


Recently at the Oakland Grocery Outlet -

On a visit mid-week in the early afternoon, the store seemed fully stocked and not particularly crowded allowing for proper distancing in the aisles, with care, and in the checkout lines. I recognized 3 or 4 employees who have been with Grocery Outlet for over 30 years starting with the now closed Berkeley store on 4th Street and University and even further back to the original Berkeley store on Shattuck and University which was a converted movie theatre and is now home to a 99 Cents Only store. I had heard on the news that some of GO’s neighbors, the Mercedes dealership across the street and the CVS store on its north edge had been heavily damaged last week.


$3.99 De Martino Gallardia Cinsault 2017 Red wine from southern coastal Chile 13% ABC, 750 ml bottle. If I see this wine again, I’ll grab a few bottles. 100% Cinsault. Aromas of sour fruit and earthiness. Tastes of unripe strawberry, sour cherry, smoke and earth - woody-like, redwood bark, peat, minerality and mushroom, lots and lots of mushroom, with a hint of peppermint spice. Medium in the body and mild on the tannins. I’ve never had anything quite like it and much preferred it to some overpowering fruit bomb. Lucky I tried it out of curiosity since I’m drawn to varietals I’ve never heard of. And that smoky mushroom. Also give it some air to open up.

Refrigerated Deli

Saw lots of bargains with fast-approaching Best By dates -

$2.49 Black River Blue Cheese Crumbles, 24 oz., Best By June 22, in plastic tub from DCI Cheese in Richfield, WI. Blue cheese crumbles that work out to about $1.66/lb.? I’ll take it.

$3.49 Bellwether Farms Sheep Milk Plain Yogurt, 16 oz., Use by 07/08/20. Full-fat all sheep milk with probiotics, from Bellwether Farms in Petaluma.

99 cents, President Aged White Cheddar with Apple Chutney, 7 oz. plastic tub, spreadable. Best if used by July 2, 2020,

$1.99 Hope and Sesame Sesame Milk, Unsweetened Original with added protein, 48 oz. plastic carton. Best By June 16, 2020 Other flavors available. Creamy with no added sugar but a little on the chalky side. Also in the organics non-refrigerated section, there is organic sesamemilk in a 32 oz. tetrapack for $1.99 in Original flavor with some added sugar. From Hope and Sesame of Chicago, IL.

10 cents to 99 cents - several meat and cheese luncheon snacks to munch on during the bus ride home.

Olive Oil

Bellucci Legendary Series EVOO 500ml, organic.

Ice Cream

50 Cents - pints of Culture Republick ice cream, various flavors

99 Cents - Hot Scream very spicy salted caramel, pint.

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The eastern Hayward GO actually had Haagen-Dazs a couple of weeks ago–the Chocolate Pretzel Stout flavor (part of their newish boozy ice cream line). Still good deals on Illy iced coffee cans, and they continue to have nice organic ground beef (and sometimes organic ground lamb). The TP aisle appears to be well-stocked once again, at least the last time I went.

Glad to hear that Oakland is handling this OK. I went to the Mission GO last week (first time in a grocery store since March) and there were two different idiots walking around the store with their mask covering their mouth, but not their nose. To top it off one of them stood about 3 feet behind me at checkout as if the circles painted on the floor at 6-foot intervals didn’t exist. The store is basically run by oblivious 17-year-old kids so of course they didn’t do anything.

Not going back to GO for a while after that.

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