Grocery Boxes Near London

I have been heartbroken to discover that Bearfaced has gone into administration. Can anyone else recommend a good grocery box which delivers to east London that has meat and veg?

I find Riverford pretty poor value compared to the Bearfaced one which included around 12 things including 4 cuts of meat and 1 fish for £40 but if there are any other suggestions I’d be most grateful. I’m a bit time-poor to go farmer’s marketing every week.

I posted this here as our UK community is small enough this might get hits - I know it isn’t strictly about restaurants but I’d like any replies people have going. Thanks in advance!

Can’t help, I’m afraid, but thanks for the “poor value” heads-up for Riverford.

We used to get a veg box off a small local company here in North Cheshire but stopped because it became very samey each week. Had been thinking about Riverford but may not bother now.

We got riverford briefly too. The freshness and quality of the veg was outstanding. But yes, you really did pay for the quality and convenience.

The only other one we tried was farmaround, which I don’t think you could get up your way harters. And farmaround is strictly vegetarian, so wouldn’t meet Shekha’s requirements.

There’s a local one near us we keep meaning to try, I’ll report back if/when we get around to it.

Thank you both - yes please do keep me posted.
John - I have heard good things about Northern Harvest boxes if that is in your area - maybe worth a go?

We’ve bought meat from Northern Harvest in the past, so thanks for the tip on veg.

They own a “pick your own” fruit farm, where there’s a farm shop as well (nice cafe).

Update on this - I have gone for Field and Flower which does a number of different boxes. The best part is you can swap some of the recommended items in their boxes for your own from their shop. We bought a monthly box of meat for around £45 (+ delivery so around £48) and so far can’t fault it.

I made the burgers yesterday from frozen and even after thawing and being accidentally overdone they were some of the best I have ever tasted - tender, good quality beef, well seasoned, not too salty - melt in the mouth tbh.

I would highly recommend these guys.

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