Grill Point Cafe - Marlboro [NJ]

Just returned from dinner here. Last minute walk in with family. Seated immediately, restaurant more than half full. Warm bread with olives and olive oil placed on table, tasty. Ordered hot appy assortment. Good size for four people.
Kids ordered Shish kebab, Kefta kebab and wife and I shared GP mixed grill for2. All dishes came with
Flavored rice,bulgar, grilled tomato, grilled pepper and shredded lettuce/red cabbage. Shared the baklava with walnuts. Baklava was light and not cloying sweet but a little small. BTW I have no problems with heavy cloyingly sweet baklava!
Owner came over twice to ask how we were doing.
Waitress was very pleasant as well. We would def go back. Only complaint …the GP mixed grill for 2 was just slightly larger than the entrees for 1.
But this is just quibbling.


Thanks for the review! I’d not heard of it before. In which shopping strip is it located?

Edited to add: I hadn’t looked at the website, but now that I have, I see that GP is in Pine Creek Square (U-Haul Plaza).