Grigg street pizza - Greenwich

Didn’t feel like making a run to New haven for this years Super Bowl pizza. Read up on this place and some pics. The crust is a sourdough that they make themselves. The pizza is expensive but was very good. I had also picked up an Italian Combo, which came on a sesame seeded roll from kneaded bread. The meats were good including mortadella with pistachio and fresh mozzafrella, but instead of shredded lettuce and tomato, like most places, they had a mixture of very good leaf lettuces (arugula?) along with roasted peppers, the vinaigrette was balsamic and oil(?). Much better than anything I’ve had on a traditional sub. If ever in Greenwich, they’d be worth tracking down. But again be warned expensive for pizza, but for good pizza…….

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I’ll have to check it out if I’m ever there. Thanks, Rich!

Initially Grigg Street reminded me of Pizzeria La Rosa in New Rochelle (much closer for me) but the pizza was quite different - both were very good. Then I realised it was the way both have “positioned” their restaurants. Up-scale pizza , but both places have large displays of vinyl records that actually get played. Always a +

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Gwenn -
Nice to know somebody is still out there L
Hope pandemic hasn’t been too tough on you, friends, and family
Grigg Street is very much like Pizzeria La Rosa ,in New Rochelle - fairly young people, passionate about what they do. Worth “investing” a bit more for quality - sadly too often overlooked.

Yep, I know the feeling. Glad you’re still here!!

An up-date (any excuse to log into this busy board). I was at Grigg Street the other day, but wanted to try something different (had a slice while I waited and it was excellent) so I tried the fried chicken sandwich, it listed spiced mayo as one of the ingredients. I like the idea of spicy more than being very spicy, but this thing , to me was HOT. I think they should either offer it de-spiced or at least make it more clear how hot it is. Still would recommend the restaurant.

Love it, Rich!!! Keep coming!!

This is off the subject but so inspiring , thought it should be shared : very inspiring

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold