Grey squirrel lasagne on London restaurant menu

Read that you can even buy them from supermarket now.

I’ve not seen it in the supermarkets but you do see it at farmers markets from time to time. Really, the meat is just on the hind legs.

I had it at a restaurant in Cumbria last year. Chef there makes much of local produce and he served long cooked meat in a crisp breadcrumb (?) coating as a canape, along with a little spiced mayo to dunk it in. Nice.

Grey squirrels are a pest and have all but wiped out our native red squirrels. On eof their last reminaing homes is in part so Cumbria, so I’m all for culling as may greys as possible and, of course, eating them.

It’s something of a cliche but, if you’ve never eaten it, it does taste like a well flavoured chicken.

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I was thinking that since they are small, they could be cooked quickly like chicken filets.

I’ve had grey squirrel and it tasted like rabbit to me. Meaning similar of course, but drier because all white meat.

Squirrel meat has been linked to a Mad-Cow type of disease of the brain:

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