Grey Gardens, always a dependable place for great food and wine [Toronto]

Although I have posted about Grey Gardens in other threads, I think it is worthy of its own so that information about it is easier to find. We’ve been going since it opened, with Mitch Bates as chef and Jen Agg as co-owner. The food continues to be interesting fun, and delicious. And the wine list highlights all kinds of off-the-beaten path options.

We dined indoors this time, with a visiting friend (who love it so much, she took her boss back a few nights later). We received a warm greeting and friendly service throughout the night (a handwritten recipe for the Citrus Spritz cocktail that our friend loved, a comped hamachi crudo).

For wine, we would have gone for one of the weirder options, but our friend wanted an Alsatian white and we deferred:
Vincent Fleith '18 Sylvaner Alsace, France - the same one we had from the Grey Gardens wine club - very floral and lovely.

Hamachi, pickled ramps, mustard oil, dill, and sheets of savoury radish, sprouts - fresh, light, lovely.

Bison carpaccio, creme fraîche underneath with juniper, capers, pickled beech mushrooms, crispy sunchoke chips on top - wonderful contrasts of flavours and textures.

Cabbage braised in Maggi sauce, with chili oil, stracciatella, garlic, with crispy (dehydrated?) sheets of cabbage on top - umami and salt in a good way.

Eggplant, cashew, za’atar, lime, parsley, cucumber, pickled onion, dill, green onion and a little tahini - smokey and a nice sour tang.

Pappardelle, celery root, sage, goat cheese (Midnight Moon), and “spices you would roast a chicken with” - amazing and perhaps the best pasta of the night.

Gnocchi Sardi - pork and date sausage crumbled in, rapini, smoked butter, and Parmesan over - smokey, cheesy goodness.

Ravioli with oxtail, harissa, red pepper - Jamaica meets Italy and great.

Beef cheek, sauce bordelaise, rutabaga purée and braised chunks, cipollini - supple, beautifully done.

Pineapple, tapioca, finely chopped macadamia nuts, passion fruit mango ice over buttermilk custard - terrific!

Still no decaf coffee though. I’ll have to bring my own.