Gregoire Berkeley

ANyone know if Gregoire in Berkeley has indoor seating and how hard it would be to get a seat around 6:30 on Sat evening if they do THx

Yelpers say it has three stools at the counter inside, so it could be tough getting a seat.

People are ordering behind the three stools. So space is quite tight. I guess you can also call it a chefs counter since you will be staring at the stove 4ft in front of you.

People don’t stick around for that long at Gregoire if you want to wait.

There are a few seats outside the shop.

Yeah, it’s basically a take-out counter with those few stools. Your best option is find somewhere else to eat - everything’s packaged in little boxes for your elsewhere-eating convenience. The good news is because it’s cramped, most people don’t think of it as a sit-down place, and you might get lucky, especially on the early side. But it’s a bad choice if you want to be sure you can get a seat, or get a seat at a particular time. There’s no wait staff to move people along.

It’s a bit dodgy but if you walk down the block and into the patio area of the epicurious garden mini-mall, there’s usually an open seat where you can scarf down your contraband potato puffs. Buy a gelato from inside if you feel guilty.

Or go to the parklet in front of the Cheese Board.

pizza and puffs – sounds like a meal!