Greg Cox Jumps the Shark (Triangle, NC)

I actually couldn’t make my way through this week’s restaurant review in the N&O. I’ve thought for a while that Cox’s writing was getting difficult to read, but this week’s review is so overwrought, the descriptions so convoluted, and the language so tortured, you’d think that the review was generated by a middle-schooler who regurgitated a thesaurus.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Cox’s opinions but it’s only recently that I have a problem with his writing. Has anyone else noticed this trend in his columns and if so, is there anything we can do as readers other than not read him?

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I almost never read him, so this was almost a treat because of how amusing it was. Thanks for the link. At least he actually had some criticisms (which we should expect from a critic but seldom get from this one), but yes, he vomited a thesaurus.

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I read Greg Cox’s reviews quickly. For this one it took about 2 seconds. I saw a 3 star Indian spot in Cary, which is where most of the best Indian places are. Three stars isn’t worth reading about, especially when I live in Chapel Hill.

oh my gods, I couldn’t believe that and even worse I still have no idea what kind of food this restaurant serves. I cook Kerala and Gujarati dishes weekly, pretty knowledgeable but I am in the dark so I checked out the menu: firsts usual suspects, the fish really looked appealing and different, lots of Southern recipes…the vegetarian dishes: palak paneer and creamy dishes, the same dull Northern dishes you get in any place…meh. Mr. Cox couldnt you tell your readers that…