Greenwich Restaurant Week coming Nov. 11-20...

The 3rd. Annual Greenwich Restaurant Week will be taking place Nov. 11 thru the 20th hosted by Greenwich Magazine. At this writing around 30 restaurants from the Greenwich area and nearby Westchester will be participating. Hard to figure out any universal deal, but most will be offering a prix fixe lunch or dinner in the $21 to $35 range…

Thanks for posting, but very confusing. I don’t know Greenwich restaurants and even if I did, it would be very difficult to figure out if there are deals.

At least with Stamford RW, they have set prices that the restaurants have to commit to. It’s not all one price like with Hudson Valley RW, but that allows some places that make no sense to do a $30 dinner at to participate. With Greenwich RW, it’s do your own thing.

Greenwich will be Greenwich!!

Yes, that what it seems like. The people behind GRW probably had a hard time pinning down each participant, and that can be a difficult task with all the maverick restaurants out there…
The website does try, but at this reading seems like the sponsors, food related or not, are the main dealmakers.

Well. one thing they have over HVRW is that Fortina is participating, even their Westchester locations. Of course, I’m not sure how much of a deal it is. For example, it’s not clear if the lunch deal that includes a pizza is ANY pizza. And who gets salad at Fortina?

I only get pizza there. Husband also gets wood roasted bone marrow.

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