Green Meadows, Colts Neck New Jersey

As I’m sure what will be the only review of this restaurant all I can say is I stepped up and took one for the team! I’ve said frequently in other threads in my 25 years living in the area I have met -0- people who have ever dined here, thanks to HO I’ve “met” two, but neither have been in the last 30+ years.

The place has been an enigma, there never seems to be anyone there, yet they have been in business 65 years! I checked out their website and Friday’s are 50% off food only, some nights they have 25% off food AND booze. The 50% off made it hard for me to not give it a try, so with some good salesmanship on my behalf I got a buddy and his wife to join us.

We called for reservations which they do not take, they told us to get there before 7 and they will fit us in. We arrived 8pm and although the parking lot was surprisingly full, there were 5 (out of 20?) tables occupied. Needless to say we were immediately seated at a nice table in the back of the dining room.

This will bring me to my harshest criticisms, which is the place itself. It’s very hard to describe but this is a place that time has left behind, its old and outdated. More than half of the indirect lighting is burned out everything is painted a dark gloomy green and it smells like a funeral parlor. Don’t ask me to describe that smell because I can’t, but after sitting there for 5 mins trying to soak it all in I just muttered, this is like a funeral parlor and everyone at the table agreed.

The waitresses were all of 65 years old +, but very pleasant, very experienced and provided excellent team service. Every employee knew every other customer there, we stuck out like sore thumbs and we were asked by everyone “you from around here” to which I imagine they follow up saying internally; “because we don’t get many visitors here”.

Apps: zuppa’ de clams - escargot (special) both were good, only thing was the escargot had walnuts in the garlic sauce. Never seen escargot served with walnuts before but it wasn’t offensive or bad just odd.

Entrees: Two broiled platters, one pasta with shrimp and scallops and a skirt steak with peppers and onions (mine and a special)

The entrees were good! The pasta received high accolades from my buddy who is a PIA, the woman enjoyed their seafood platters (seemed all fresh) and my steak was smothered in a tasty peppers and onions sauce. All in all no complaints.

All entrees came with a house salad with all dressings served on the side. I don’t know if the dressings were homemade but they were not the typical “Ken’s” varieties 75% of restaurants use.

My baked potato was not fresh, it was cooked a day or two ago and reheated to serve. Also the bread we were served, individual rolls, were not fresh but obviously microwaved hot.

Desert was what was billed by the waitress as “the best carrot cake” in the world. It was obviously store bought/baked, friends wife said it’s from Costco. It was good, worlds best? No but still good.

It’s hard to find anything “wrong” with the food, just some obvious short cuts any restaurant that’s “struggling” might take. On the way out we were greeted by what I assume was the owner, his first question; “you guys from around here”…lol
I couldn’t help but notice the built into the wall cigarette machine circa 1950, we chatted a bit about the place, he gave us a flier of specials (same as website) and was a very congenial guy.

The place screams Gordon Ramsey kitchen nightmares, pre-Ramsey arrival. It needs a fresh interior and an owner/chef to re-find their motivation. Until then this will remain a forgotten little eatery where the clocks stopped ticking in 1978.

I would go back.


You would??? That was the biggest surprise…

I would, because all in all it wasn’t “bad”, it was above average in all aspects besides environment. At the 50% off it’s also a bit of a value, but the food and service in any different location and it could be decent local spot. It’s just odd, and for some reason, probably talking to the owner on the way out makes me want to root for this under dog.

The real shame is if they would spruce the place up it would probably draw a lot more people. Even the landscaping out front is all overgrown and hide the location making it look very ominous.

But yes, I would go back.


Interesting place. I like old school places to be honest. I might have to try this half price night out. It’s weird that they do it on a Friday.

So was the skirt steak just a grilled piece with some fried peppers and onions?

Maybe we should start a thread “NJ restaurants stuck in time”

Greg, I think this might be calling your name! I know you like history and food lol

On a side note, what are they doing with the Mary Annes property?


It was a grilled piece of skirt, nice sized, topped with what I suspect was peppers onions mushrooms in butter, garlic and Worcestershire’s (that’s how I make my steak and eggs, it tastes very similar)

@gcaggiano once described how depressing Crown Palace was, this is very much the same, but worse. Lol


How much per person did it run?

Are you talking about crown palace, the bowling alley or house of chong? All three can be grouped up :smile:

$190. With tax and tip. (4-5 drinks? Bar tab was $45 which was not discounted)

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There ya go!

After doing your pluses & minuses, the dated old place gets endorsed. Cool.


Good thread. This place does seem to be a good fit for a review on my blog. I love these old, forgotten places. I too had never heard of it until I saw a job posting on Indeed. They pay their servers $100 a day which is remarkable when you factor in tips.


Passing by on our way to and from Delicious Orchards, we were surprised/shocked to see that Green Meadows is gone. There is signage on the big picture window at the front of the building (which, by the way, has been repainted grey) that says Colts Neck Pub. Must have just happened since I didn’t notice any change when I was at D.O. two weeks ago. No website yet.

It’s being completely renovated by the Barasky family, who own North Brunswick Pub. They owned Reade Street Pub in Lower Manhattan for a long time. Menu will be very similar to their spot up north.


Went to North Brunswick pub for my brother’s birthday last year. Wasn’t expecting much, just a place to grab some bar grub and beer and watch a little of the game. You have to really outdo yourself for me to make the effort to express my dissatisfaction with bar food, and NB Pub was up to the task. The pizza was so under cooked it was like eating dough. The chili was so watery it literally spilled off the spoon and back into the bowl. Maybe it was just the whole pandemic situation but the place was scratched off my list.

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