Greek Taverna of Lincroft , (Formally Stamna of Lincroft) New Jersey......................

Yep. Just seems a little desperate/unusual to me.

I’m guessing we will be down a Greek place by November.

I picked up a ribeye tonight at nikos. It’s been a while but it was good to be back. I had a craving for some olives. As you can tell, the bread and olives here easily housed by the time the streak arrived :slight_smile:

Did you inquire about the for sale posting?

Lemon with rib eye, that is so Greek. Lots of EVO too I’ll bet, and a kiss of oregano.

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No jr…didn’t even know about it. I must say, I’m a big fan of that toasted bread and their olives. I’m wishing I had some now as I ponder where to eat.

FINALLY made it to the Lincroft location before seeing Pat Metheny at the Count Basie tonight. Folks, this is where you want to eat when you’re going to a show–not at the many mediocre spots in RB! For starters, it’s 1.5 miles down Newman Springs Road west of the GSP. Couldn’t be easier, imo. Parking is easy, and the food just makes me so happy, I can honestly say I’m now in trouble as I come south down the Parkway on my way home…

For those who haven’t read this entire thread, I’ve been going to the Stamna location in Bloomfield (on the Montclair border) for many years. I moved down the shore 1.5 years ago (!) and I can honestly say that Stamna is the restaurant I’ve missed the most. It was my go-to for dates, for weeknight dinners with friends, summer meals outside, and even for birthday lunches and dinners (some in their back room, some just big tables of friends). So I sort of freaked out when they announced they were coming down this way! I’m embarrassed to say it took me this long to get there, but now that I have…

We had all of my favorite mezze, which is my preferred way to eat at Stamna. Small Greek salad (enough for the 3 of us), loukanikos (sausage that’s simply fantastic), gigantes (the best beans you’ll ever have–creamy goodness in tomato sauce), grilled octopus, imam (eggplant–at the request of one of my friends), and a side of their lemon potatoes. We passed on dessert but were brought a plate of the Greek version of fried dough in syrup and cinnamon on the house. It was exactly what we needed, although I loooove their Galaktoboureko, which is phyllo dough filled with custard and worth EVERY calorie. :blush:

It was the perfect amount of food for the three of us (we left full but not uncomfortable), along with a bottle of wine (they’re BYO, which is why they don’t serve mediocre food!). I can’t stress how terrific this place is, so if you’ve been meaning to try, PLEASE GO! It wasn’t nearly as busy as I would hope on a Sunday night, but there were also a couple of big football games on today. Still, there was one very large party + a few other tables while we were there.

I’m going to start a separate thread to plan a HOdown, as I feel a personal need to expose more HOs to the wonders of legit Greek food. I got hooked thanks to their other location, so I’d love to do the same for some of you!


Thanks for the reminder I really do have to make it a point to give them a try. I / we probably go to either Greek Eats or The Greek Spot once a week, most recently at the Greek Spot on Saturday. Stamna is closer to home but tucked away as it is it’s out of sight out of mind.

That’s exactly why I wanted to push the crew on these boards to go! It’s really good and AUTHENTIC. I’d love for them to succeed in this location!

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need to try this place- can’t get enough Greek food. Wanted to try it in Dec but wife killed the deal when we got there and not a soul in the place at 6PM on a Sat…so we went down the lot to Luigi’s instead.

This is exactly why WE need to get in there! When we arrived last night there was only one other table, but a huge (10-14 people) group came in after 6, as did 1-2 other tables. The 4-top that was finishing when we arrived couldn’t say enough (to the waiter) about how good it was and how they’d be back and back a lot. I think we just need to get the word out that it’s worth trying, even if the place isn’t bustling (YET). @Metsfan86 did you see my post about a group dinner? Hopefully you’ll join us!

Went to Stamna Saturday night.
It was good, but not great.
I judge a Greek restaurant by the tzatziki - for me, the level of garlic (can never be enough) in the Tzatziki confirms the true nature of the place. ANd then there’s the taramosalata. Also, can’t be too salty, but full flavour.
So, in my mind, the tzatziki was good, but not great.
Had the souvlaki - good flavor properly done, and the fish - also nicely done, well presented, filleted for me, as I can’t deal with doing it myself and dealing with the bones.
Avgolemono soup - also, missing some of that striking lemon flavour that takes it far away from chicken soup to avgolemono.

Overall, good, not great. Still looking for that “great” in this part of NJ.

This isn’t a diss–just a statement of fact; I love tzatziki, but I don’t know if I’ve ever had it at Stamna! How was the taramosalata?

“Still looking for that “great” in this part of NJ.”

That’s how I feel about sushi. Some good. But nothing is outstanding. Not like when I lived in Boston. Down here, it’s the same number of ingredients mishmoshed 1000 different ways.

Wrong thread for this, I know. But, what is it? Why? Is it a NJ law/health code thing? In Boston, there were daily specials, and I had things I’ve NEVER even seen in NJ. Is it what’s available in this area? Does it have to do with distributors?

We’ve got nearly everything else down pat. But sushi in NJ, as someone said, is a wasteland.

Using a meal delivery website that we use frequently, we ordered food from Stamna last night. It will be the last time. The delivery window was 7:10-7:20. The food arrived at 7:45. (Usually, the time frame is updated on the website so you know when the delivery time is pushed out. Not this time.) We ordered a $19 seafood salad to share. It was gorgeous except for the soggy, limp greens. The first bite of grilled calamari was divine. Upon digging in, while the tomatoes were tasty and fresh for this time of year, something was fishy in the salad. Neither of us could eat it. We ended up throwing most away. We ordered a gyro to share. It was not good. The meat was dry and one of the vegetables was bad. I think it was the lettuce, which shouldn’t be on there to begin with–based on my gyro-eating experience and their menu description (tomatoes, onions, tzatziki). Finally, the $4 french fries were exactly one potato, sliced into coins. They were greasy and tasted of olives (not olive oil) for some reason. Of course, the gyro and fries were cold. (I know. You’re thinking who expects fries to be delivered hot. It can be done! Ask Jrs.) I wiped the oregano off the fries and heated them in oven. We shared a potato for dinner.

What website do you use?

Unfortunately what you are describing sounds like a place on it’s way out…I’m local to it and honestly I love Greet Eats and The Greek Spot I forget Stamna is even there. That location is cursed.

Have you tried

Im not an expert on authentic Greek food …but i enjoy coming here with family …brought other people no one complains

Anemos is very good.

Grubhub. We’ll try the two that you recommend.

We tried this restaurant for the first time on Sunday. We usually go to Niko’s in Long Branch, but it was way too crowded, so we headed out of town. The restaurant is tucked into a small strip mall in Lincroft. The ambiance is pleasant. The menu is pretty much like every single other Greek restaurant in the area. There was only one other couple in the restaurant when we were there. The waiter brought over a plate of Greek Olives and toasted bread to munch on while we decided on what to eat. We started with the mixed Greek salad. Large chunks of feta cheese and cukes, with sliced red onion and some olives. There were no tomatoes, stuffed grape leaves, anchovies, or anything else. We had a side of tzaziki that tasted fresh and homemade. It came with a side of pita bread. My husband ordered the mixed grill, which consisted of a Greek Style hamburger (the spice mixture is apparently what makes the burger Greek), gyro meat, sausage and chicken. There were no lamb chops on this mixed grill. I ordered the whole Bronzino (fish). It was very tasty. Both of our orders came with a side of lemon potatoes.

The restaurant is not one that I would go out of my way to visit again, but would definitely go back if we happened to be in the area and had a yen for Greek food.IMG_20180902_152947794%5B1%5D IMG_20180902_153805157_HDR%5B1%5D IMG_20180902_155450724%5B1%5D IMG_20180902_155453448%5B1%5D IMG_20180902_155459882%5B1%5D

You’ll find a whole lot of commentary on Stamna on these threads, if you’re interested:

I’m still partial to the location in Bloomfield, not just because it’s where I first discovered REAL Greek food; I’ve never had an ‘eh’ meal there, it’s always packed and lively, it’s BYO, and I’ve just had too many good times there. That said, I’ve only been to the Lincroft location and I do think it’s the actual location that’s hurting them; any mostly=empty restaurant seems sad to me, I guess. Still, I haven’t had anything bad–it’s just a different experience.