[Greater Manchester] Tampopo

Manchester based mini-chain (three outlets in the metro area and one in London), serving east asian dishes. I would doubt there’s any particular authenticity to the food but it’s always an enjoyable and well-priced lunch. This one was at the Trafford Centre.

So, to start, Vietnamese spring rolls. Vegetables, noodles, lots of herbs. These were wrapped in what I suspect were the wrappers used for summer rolls and then briefly deepfried. Certainly it was a much lighter covering than you’d get with a Cantonese spring roll. I followed that with a stirfry of rice, squid, king prawns and pork. It lacked some oomph – which I corrected with a few splashes of kecip manis and little drizzle of sriracha.

Herself wasn’t feeling that hungry so contented herself with a couple of starters (or “small plates” as I believe I now have to call them if I want any street cred at all). Vegetable tempura was one – lovely light batter. And Thai corn fritters the other. They came with their own dipping sauces which were, disappointingly, the best part of the plate – the veggie thingies being OK, but no better.