Great vegan/soy free dishes Boston restaurants?

After watching “What The Health” movie, I need your help :slight_smile: .

I’m in nyc not boston but there are a few casual places with locations in both cities
Sweetgreen is great for creative filling vegan salads, you can order one of the set menu salads that come with omni protein and ask they swap in beans instead

By chloe is all vegan, plenty of soy free options too. The ceasar salad and soft serve are my all time favorites. The fries are air baked and taste as healthy as they are.

Dig Inn is a DIY combo plate place, lots of seasonal veggies.

This article on Eater looks helpful. Generally middle eastern restaurants, greek and ethiopian will all have options too

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I have a moderate soy allergy so I’m following this. I can eat a bit in one dish, but tofu, miso, soy beans, and soy sauce is 3 too many for me. Haven’t seen the movie, but I know my allergy symptoms.

Thanks Madrid! I have not seen a doctor, but I have the same issue as you, I think.

True Bistro in Somerville seems to be liked, so I’ll go soon!

You can try Red Lentil in Watertown, Walnut Grill in Newton, the already-mentioned True Bistro in Somerville, and for a quick bite, Whole Heart Provisions in Allston. I’m pretty sure they all have some soy-free vegan dishes.


You may try in Restaurant Godjo. I have tasted this menu here which is very tasty.

Paris? Would love to, but…

yes, the original poster was asking about restaurants in Boston, as stated in the subject line.

Our son lives 20 mins outside of Boston and keeps returning to Chloe for a pesto avocado pasta dish. Two locations in Boston.

B. Good has some vegan choices or flex options. Build your meal options, smoothies and breakfast options. I tried their breakfast sandwich one morning and went back the next day for a salad and smoothie. All winners.

Cava is another right outside the subway line into the city that has vegan options off the menu as you build your bowl. This place has a huge variety.

While visiting our son this week, we enjoyed meals at all three. Fresh food is back!! Customizing never easier!


Oh, It looks like Whole Heart Provisions is now open in Central Square. I believe they are opening in Harvard Square as well.

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Yes. They’re going to be one of the places in Smith Center (formerly Holyoke Center) when it opens in the fall.

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I normally loathe those fast-casual bowl places and I’m usually dragged to them by colleagues, but I actually liked Whole Heart in Central Sq after visiting a client. I had some vaguely Indian-spiced bowl and it (gasp) was good.

Late to this, but I’m a hearty supporter of Whole Heart provisions. I just wish they were more reliable on their delivery to my office location, because their food is quite good! We went with them to provide food for a wellness fair, and they enthusiastically got a thumbs up from just about everyone who ate it (even a few who were 100% pro-meat, not getting mistaken for a healthy waistline anytime soon).