Great review of Bluebird in the NYT

I’ve kind of gotten fed up with the “Times” as it calls itself these days as the New York part has been almost obliterated, but there’s a very witty and supremely trashing review of the new restaurant Bluebird by Pete Wells in the NY Times. Right up there with the review of Guy Fieri’s monstrosity.

Unlikely I will ever eat there which is too bad as I occasionally get a craving for some bubble & squeak.

A friend of mine was smitten with Bluebird when it opened. What a different story now. Apparently a fast and furious fall because the restaurant only just opened its doors in September.

Too funny on the bartender’s reply. Hopefully he already had something else lined up which is why he didn’t care what he said anymore. If not, I would think he’s out of a job.

Ha! Certainly entertaining to read, although sounds like a tragic place to spend money on food…yikes. I mean the best thing was cheese straws??
Not sure it was ever on my to eat there list but certainly will avoid it now - at time warner I usually end up getting a treat upstairs at bouchon bakery ;))