Great read: Duncan Hines, America's first food Road Warrior

This is a wonderful read – a true forgotten piece of American culinary history:

Duncan Hines: The Original Road Warrior Who Shaped Restaurant History
NPR Food, March 27, 2017

(excerpt) " Duncan Hines, traveling salesman and future purveyor of boxed cake mix, considered himself an authority on a great many things: hot coffee, Kentucky country-cured ham and how to locate a tasty restaurant meal, in 1935, for under a dollar and a quarter. "


Thank you for posting this … I am fascinated with American culinary history, good and bad.
What struck me right away, before getting into the text was
the photo of the cake … I rarely see cakes like this anymore.
A cake that resembles a cake, something that one might actually want to eat and that might taste good.
There is more than a half inch of cake and less than 4 inches of icing, the cake to icing ratio is perfect. The icing/frosting appears whipped, almost fluffy much more appealing than the solid layer of vile buttercreams one sees on todays cakes … the good old days


The frosting might very possibly be the classic 7-min boiled frosting, which was more popular than buttercream, especially during the war years when butter was rationed.

Glad you enjoyed the read!

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Interesting read. Thanks for posting!