Great Pizza in Fairfield County CT

Okay, thanks.

Jfood - Colony is opening another restaurant this time in Portchester. So now the lines will be unimaginable for their hot oil pie. They will be on the empty lot near Costco.

Dee - what is hot oil pie?

Hot oil pizza is colony’s signature pie served simply as is, or along with other toppings. jfood/ct bites has a nice writeup here


Thanks!! Well, that does not sound like its for me. I am not a fan of jalepeno!

You don’t need to order hot oil on your pie. Don’t let it keep you from trying a Colony pizza. So good!

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Colony pizza is more like a flatbread grilled cheese rather than a traditional pizza. The amount of oil in the crust (not necessarily hot oil) and on top create (a delicious) fried crust and cheese. Sauce is also secondary. I’m very traditional with pizza,so I like their sausage pie - the maker of the sausage (i forget the name) is right across from the stamford location. Definitely not a traditional pie, but one to try

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Thanks, Rich! Sounds interesting - worth 45 minutes from Northern Westchester?

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I would just say that I view a flatbread as a very stiff dough while the Colony does have some sway as you can see from the photo in my review on CTbites.

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Yes - definitely worth it. I’m in Northern Westchester and I take my three boys there a lot (they love kids and you can’t go wrong with pizza for everybody!) :slight_smile:

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definitely worth the trip, just viewing the walls at the stamford colony is a treat. But if you enjoy pizza (and who doesn’t?) and want to try different types (and not gourmet vs. traditional) then colony is different enough to warrant a visit. One of the things that still fascinates me is that for a very basic food - cheese,sauce and dough, their are still seemingly endless variations.

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Jfood- You are right that it is not a flatbread, but it is a thin crust and both the dough and the cheese get somewhat fried in oil

Hubby liked The Woodsy (sausage, mushroom, hot vinegar peppers) from Michael’s in Portchester, and we recreate it everywhere we go.

So sausage on a hot oil pizza? Sounds good.

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