Great Marsh Brewing Company [Essex MA]; Whole Foods [Beverly MA]

Hey guys - I’ve been absent for some time and thought it was about time to come back. I’ll report elsewhere on previous restaurant excursions and our trip to Northern AZ and Southern UT but first things first…In this surreal time (and after having spent all day Friday at home) we decided yesterday that a trip to the beach was in order. Trustees of Reservations has opened all of their outdoor properties free for all so we headed to Crane Beach but first we had lunch at Great Marsh Brewing Co.. We visited for the first time about a month ago and it was PACKED. But yesterday at 12:30 pm, it was nearly a ghost town. But that might a good thing - unintentionally lots of space between occupied tables. And we had a fun, decadent meal (we split fluffy everything pretzel, whole belly clams, lobster roll, a good mac and cheese for spring onion, cold sauvignon blanc and good house beers). The food was better on our second visit, perhaps because the kitchen was not being taxed as much as our first visit. But I guess the food is almost besides the point in my report - I want to let y’all know that there was constant, vigilant disinfecting. We didn’t see anyone who was visibly sick (no coughing, sneezing, or runny noses). I urge people to continue patronizing their favorite restaurants if you are comfortable with that.

Crane Beach was great - good number of happy-looking people, four-legged friends on leashes, and kids enjoying the big wide open spaces. More than ample space between people.

We followed that by a stop at a new-to-us Whole Foods in Beverly (visible from I-95). The cleaning was constant. I had no qualms about using a cart and having spring onion sit in it. The store was very well-stocked, particularly the produce section, although inexplicably other shelves were completely bare.

Trying to come up with today’s adventure as I write this…

And if all hope is lost, we can do what this guy is doing. :rofl:


The problem is that people can spread the disease asymptomatically. I think it is a good time to stay at home (beside a weekly trip to the supermarket for the next 2-3 months)

Of course but this appears to be a largely airborne disease. If people have common sense about washing their hands, not touching their faces, keeping surfaces clean, unless they go and kiss someone, I don’t see how the virus can get transmitted. The virus needs a vehicle.

I hope folks don’t think I’m promoting irresponsible behavior. There’s a lot we don’t know about coronavirus, but we do know that common sense measures can help us continue enjoying our lives as much as possible (preventing us and/or our kids from going stir-crazy), as well as helping to keep our local businesses afloat. As I implied, do whatever makes you feel comfortable and socially-conscious. That’s what we did yesterday.


Restaurants are going to get hammered and will need our help. I hope that some systemic change might emerge from this, such as paid sick leave for employees. I’ve seen estimates that influenza would be significantly reduced if hourly restaurant workers did not feel pressured to work while sick. I imagine this would help suppress the spread of other pathogens.

The problem is we all want our cheap eats. The brave restaurateur raising prices to be able to provide paid sick leave takes a big risk, especially if her competitors choose not to. Could a grass-roots movement help?


That is so true. Because we’re in the over 60 category, we’ve opted to stay close to home after getting lots of supplies so that we can still have good things to eat and drink. We’ve also purchased some online gift certificates to help provide some desperately needed cash for small places. We’ll wait until places get back on their feet before using them. I know it’s a risk since it will be difficult for some places to survive this surreal period. Virtual hugs to everyone.


Actually, hitting the beach is a pretty genius idea, digga. Especially with a little one.

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Current research indicates that Covid-19 stays up to three hours in the air and so washing hands is important but will most likely not sufficient to avoid being infected. It is absolutely critical that we start serious social distancing to help those who will be most likely most effected, e.g. older people, immunodeficient people etc. I really hope MA (and all of the US) will very soon start a similar approach as some states (Illinois, France etc) to close down restaurants and “force” people do stay at home - it is most likely the only way to “flatten the curve” and that the US (and many other countries) don’t become like Italy with a very high death rate as the health system gets completely overwhelmed. And yes, it will hurt many restaurants (and other retailers) but it will make a huge difference how people will die.


This new turn of statewide events (schools closed until April 7, restaurants and bars closed) is rough. Not sure we’re all gonna get through this.


But it is the only reasonable option (and should go even further).

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