Great food, moderate $ in La Jolla?????

Our son’s wife is due in mid-March and they’re taking a quick break in La Jolla. What’s really good in that area but not really pricey? She has gestational diabetes so simple food is best. Thanks.

It’s been a while though to vouch, but maybe El Pescador? Congratulations.

has she been to California Modern, or Marine Room?

Yelp has both at $$$$. My post says moderate $. I’m sure they’re both great but I wouldn’t think they’d fit in their budget.

I would just check the menu against their budget and appetites. One can sometimes just stick with appetizers etc and i find it’s often preferable to avoid entrees.

Urban Plates? (for healthy “simple food” and moderate.)

Thanks. They’re back already but my wife and I are at one of the two Urban Plates in Irvine the other night. It was very good, though we thought it was a bit pricey for what it is. I think she called it Souplantation on steroids. Quality and choices were a whole njbch above what Souplantation was IMHO.

La Jolla itself tends to be spendy.

Usually more good mid price restaurants can be found further south along the beach so I’ve thrown in some of those too. You can get to PB and OB/Point Loma with a car in 20 -25 minutes without getting on I 5.

From North to South, places you can get by with $40 for two, and maybe less. Some of them you will want to eat outdoors, but that’s not a big deal in San Diego.

Places in La Jolla Village:

Puestos (tacos, blue corn tortillas)

Sushi on the Rock (obviously sushi)

The Taco Stand (al pastor)

The Cottage (little spendy, good for brunch)

Pannikin (for coffee, tea, scones)

South La Jolla:

Promiscuous Fork (burgers, calicuisine)

SuCasa (Mexican, oldie but still goodie)

Places in Pacific Beach:

Konos (for breakfast, get there early)

Izakayah (Japanese, ramen, udon)

Spice Lounge (Indian, cheap, good samosas)

Places in Point Loma:

Pt. Loma Seafood (fish tacos!!!)

Pizza Nova (goat cheese, thai chicken pizzas)

Places you gotta try:

Nico’s (OB & Morena, carne asada burritos)

Thanks for that great list. I hope others will take advantage of it but the baby’s due in 4 weeks so I don’t think my son and DIL will be going back there any time very soon.

Well hey, you never know…

Btw Tommys in San Clemente is a great stop on the way to and from SD to LA.

Original 1950’s diner with great breakfast, awesome burgers and real chocolate malts.

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