Great food in St. Simon's Island, GA. . .

Just got back from a week of fantastic eating and drinking from Atlanta, to Hilton Head, Savannah and then to St. Simon’s Island and Sea Island at the Cloister’s Resort…

First of all, Grits are outstanding here…Pimento Cheese Grits rule and there is nothing finer than having Diver Scallops on a bed of Cheesy Pimento Grits served with fresh watercress and pecans tossed in a pear vinaigrette.
This was served to me at the very famous, casual Palmer’s Village Inn in St. Simon’s Island.
This has to be one of my fave places now in the world…it is that good!

River Bar at the Cloister’s Resort is excellent with their $10 Egg Salad open faced with side salad…huge and delicious.
Views of the stunning property and the marsh lands never get old.

Macon, GA we stopped at the Rookery for lunch and had a fantastic local craft beer and a blackened Grouper Rueben on Rye with a Napa Cabbage slaw in a thousand island dressing…sublime.
This is home to Gregg Allman and Leon Russell…

Hilton Head just ate at the Westin HH for breakfast which was quite good for hotel food.
Gorgeous beaches and love the cottages and overall vibe of the place.
If you buy booze, you have to go to get your wine & beer separate from your hard liquor…we’re from So. Cal where this is not the case.

Savannah…LOVE this place!
Great bars like Tongee, Social Club and had dinner at The Grey…food was fantastic but the service was horrific.
Totten Inlet Oysters were so fresh and briny…Beet Salad was perfect and the Char entrée was top notch.

Stayed at the lovely Westin Savannah on the river, opposite of Savannah but they had a free ferry that ran from early morning to late at night, every 20-30 minutes…this was an excellent way to party without driving anywhere.
The Westin is a lovely hotel and would stay there again…Kiki at the Front Desk rocks it!

Had a low country boil at Rainbow Island at the Cloister’s Resort that was fantastic with a band, bar and buffet of grits bar, crabs, and great servers at night that was so magical…

Love Georgia and can’t wait to go back!