Great food but not stuffy, near Union Square, San Francisco

We’ll be coming for a few days in January, staying at Union Square. I’m looking for a few great meals. One will be with just me and a friend. I’m looking for something that we’ll be comfortable sitting and chatting in without feeling rushed. We both like bold flavors, and neither of us eats red meat. The other meals will be for me and my daughter and husband. Again, I don’t eat red meat, but they’re ok with it. We love French, Middle Eastern/Mediterranean, Asian (I’d skip South Asian; we have plenty of good Indian restaurants near us), Italian. We don’t want places that feel stuffy, but we are willing to pay for really great food in a comfortable setting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Willing to travel a couple of miles, but not really hugely more than that.

I and others have enjoyed Cafe Claude, a short walk from Union Square and French.

Also Belden Place, just a block of all restaurants

Another fave of mine is Bund Shanghai, in Chinatown, off Grant on Jackson. We’ve never had anything there that we didn’t love including their XLB.

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of recs. Just thought I’d throw out some of my faves that don’t always get mentioned. Have fun;

Thank you so much CO. Cafe Claude hits every single family members’ buttons in one way or the other (Lulu turns into a diva if mussels are served any other way than the way they serve them). I think it will be perfect. I will have to look at belden tomorrow (so much information!), but bund shanghai also looked great. I really appreciate it.

My pleasure. We’re getting down to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving so will be doing some fun dining also. Have fun.