Great first visit to Hush Bistro, Farmingdale NY

We always eat out early on new year’s eve, then relax at home alone or with friends. This year we chose this place and so happy we did. It was cozy, much more casual than our usual new year’s eve venues and the chef had really unique tastes and textures on the plates, which were beautiful without being fussy in an annoying way.

We can’t wait to go back for a lunch visit to sample the burgers, too.

The menu is always changing, they say, and this is not what we were offered, but it’s a good representation. My husband had an app of pulpo as described on this dinner menu, and I had split beef marrow bones, accompanied by toast points (that I didn’t eat), roasted garlic, shallot jam and pickled radish, just beautiful and balanced flavors all.

I had duck breast for dinner with farro with a delicate crunch to it, and cooked properly med to med/rare.

Terrific desserts, too; we had the chocolate chocolate and olive oil cake. Coll, if you’re game and you guys will be out this way, let’s meet for lunch and try some stuff!

Really tiny place, very artfully designed, and a really warm welcome.

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Sounds lovely - we’ll have to keep it in mind when we’re out that way!

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That sounds like quite a menu! Sorry so late with the reply, but hubby was in hospital for awhile…but out now so maybe once the weather warms up? I know I’d be in heaven :wink:

Wish I was the brave one to post the first Long Island post, so glad to see one finally. Maybe I’ll jump in once the season out here starts…


The Kimchi Burger is very good!


Didn’t I just read in Newsday that the Hush Bistro chef just defected elsewhere?

I don’t think so; he’s the owner. :slight_smile:

Ah! Expanding his empire, sounds like a good sign.

It’s totally all his. He and his wife designed the space, his sister is up front and his heart is in the food. Even the bathroom is beautiful, though the open bible on a table there caught me off guard.

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I love a little quirkiness. I wanted to recommend them to a group of co-worker friends (from the 1980s!) but Verona seemed to suit our needs a little better, unfortunately. We had previously met at Verona last spring, with no complaints. But if you think I should pursue the idea just let me know, because it’s being discussed! It’s a large-ish group, maybe 20, plus they want to bill everyone separately. That’s a tough nut to crack. I grew up right there in Levittown; same area but it all seems so alien to me now!

I would not take a group to Hush; you can’t even reserve a table for 3 on OpenTable, it’s so small. The group would be at 10 tables!

That’s what I figured, thanks for the confirmation :wink:

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It’s long and very narrow. Only table larger, I think, was the front one we were at next to the doorway to outside. Seats for four with those two pushed together.

You might want to ask them if they would do a private party on a day when they are closed or business is slow. I was out to lunch last week at a popular restaurant in CT and they were closing after lunch service for a private party, and this was on a Thursday.

Plus, Hush is located right near the 110 business corridor so they must be used to being asked for separate checks.


It would be a Saturday lunchtime, straight from the cemetery, so probably not doable unfortunately. I do have a friend asking to meet her there in the near future so will probably check it out at some point, but just by ourselves. She says they are a very small place, and not appropriate…our group isn’t gigantic but at least 15 or 20, probably more. And mostly Italian heritage rather than gourmets! But I sort of opted out of arranging things, so what will be will be!

I think Verona is an ideal Choice for such a group. Just as if it were at St, Brigid’s, Benny’s would be. :slight_smile:

I know, thanks for the affirmation. I suggested Verona last year and it went over well. Besides our group of 20 or so, there was another whole room of partiers and the staff was totally on top of it all. Big difference in a casual dining place and somewhere that does crowds.

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