GREAT FIND!! “ MOMO KOKO Premium Japanese AYCE sushi and more - Warden & Steeles, Markham “

Okay! Remember this is a Japanese AYCE restaurant. So, let’s order!..Foie Gras,Toro, Botan Ebi, Miso Black Cod ……etc, anyone!!!

I have never been a fan of Japanese AYCE. The few times I tagged along with friends or relatives to such places, the resulting experiences had been so-so. I found their ingredients to be inferior, presentation and food execution crude and mediocre. However, all this perception did a total 180 deg turn after tonight’s meal at this relatively new and surprisingly remarkable eatery.

Man! Based on the food, the owner must be one smart individual to be able to assemble such a talented kitchen team!

Ah! The food! Just the impressive, multidimensional and spectacular tasting dressing and marinades for the Tataki cold starters, was worth their own stand-alone accolade. Sooo delicious!

The Miso Black Cod with Spinach in sesame dressing and toasted Tamago sides was so visually appealing and impressive tasting that it would be easily mistaken for a high-end Japanese restaurant entree. Same can be said with the dramatic ( for an AYCE product ) and splendid ‘Japanese import‘ Sashimi selection of Aji, Madai, Toro and Botan Ebi!

A mind blowingly good and funky Maki-roll of Avocado, Unagi, Back Tobiko, Unagi sauce and topped with yes!……genuine seared ‘Foie Gras’ works and wows!

With their great value, quality/price ratio, the attractive combination automatically makes this establishment a must-return candidate!

In addition to the above captioned stand-outs, our party of 5 also ordered an enormously huge array of delicious goodies. From individual size Otsumamis to Grilled and Teppanyaki items, to Sushi ( very well made shari! ) and Sashimi, to Aburi Sushi to Fried and Tempura dishes … .so overwhelming, it’s almost impossible to keep track!

The only disappointment of the evening was the platter of slightly greasy Tempuras.

Still, at a weekend price of $50.99 per person, this is one hell of a great deal IMO!!


Thanks, man!

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