Great British Bake-Off .... the musical?

The U.K. comments aren’t good, overall. But John Owen-Jones is a musical mega-star there, so it may shape up to be successful. Next stop Hollywood?

I think I’ll pass.


Let me be very clear. I truly enjoy Broadway musicals. I like GBBO

But lately? Give me a break. We dont need to make a musical about every television show ever made.

I dont think I would go see a musical based on GBBO if there were a free performance in my own living room.

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This tells you all you need to know about 21st century UK musical theatre. However, I expect it will sell out at £100 a seat, which is what I had to pay to see Mamma Mia! recently. Every seat was full.

I bet you enjoyed it just as much as I did. Knowing me, knowing you. Ahha.

I’m assuming JOJ would portray Paul Hollywood.