Gre.Co (Boston, Newbury Street)

We were in the Back Bay on Sunday and discovered that Cafe Jaffa is now closed on Sundays. We were resigned to holding out for an early dinner rather than settling for one of the overpriced and mediocre brunch options that predominate that area when we happened to walk by GreCo on Newbury street in the old Newbury Pizza (RIP; you are missed) location between Fairfield and Exeter.

Fortunately someone was at an outside table eating a very appealing looking gyro and fries. If not for this lone diner we likely would have walked right by as it is not apparent what is in the lower space, between the odd name and lack of additional signage at street level. It could have just as easily been another Back Bay specialty boutique. Also, the entrance is somewhat hidden behind the patio seating. Nevertheless we were glad we checked in out.

GreCo falls into the all to en vogue “fast casual” category. However this is one example of this genre that I would welcome in my neighborhood. Ingredients were all high quality and fresh, and the food was delicious. The basic concept is choose your protein (pork, lamb, chicken, loukaniko, bifteki ,veggie) and preparation (pita, salad or plate). At about $10 per dish it is a decent value. My pork gyro was fresh and delicious. Others in our party enjoyed the lamb and bifteki. The tzatziki and eggplant sides were top notch as well. The kids enthusiastically recommend the loukoumades for dessert. For all you pita freaks, I didn’t go back inside to ask but the pita appeared to be fresh made and was very tasty.

Sunday was a beautiful day to enjoy their food on the patio and watch the Newbury Street carnival amble by. Overall, simple, fresh, delicious, affordable. If I still lived and worked in the nieghborhood, I think I’d eat at GreCo frequently.


I agree. Several of us had gyros and loukoumades a few months back and thought the food was really good. The pork gyro was delicious and tender and the accompaniments top notch. My son really liked the charred eggplant and the zucchini chips and fries were freshly fried. I’ll definitely return for a quick bite.

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haven’t been in awhile but really liked the loukoumades

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