Graveyard of unhelpful restaurant websites

In 2017, is it too much to ask for hours, location, and a sample menu on a restaurant website? The days of intro music and animations are (mostly) over, but there are still websites that value design over usefulness, or are just ridiculously in the dark about why someone would visit a website in the first place.

The website of Ippuku has long been unhelpful— the current website looks like the DVD for Memento and lacks a sample menu. I love eating there, and am happy to oblige with the restaurant’s “no pictures” policy, but I hate having to direct people to bootlegged Yelp menu photos when suggesting we eat there.

What restaurant websites do you want to kvetch about?

Let’s start with any one that opens with music and/or a video. Or hides their location under “Contact.”

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I posted this in another discussion- India didn’t get the message about no video/ audio. You got a full blown Bollywood CGI romance movie going on here:

Don’t get too misty eyed.

Ippuku has a no-pictures policy? You wouldn’t know it from their Facebook page. Their website does suck though.

Just tried Pacific Lighthouse’s site, Useless