Gran Electrica in Napa about trying to reopen


Depressing but I’m sure we can all understand his frustration. All those billions in business relief, and HCA uses it to give their CEO a raise and lay off workers.

While small businesses that are the true economic engine of growth, like Gran Electrica, are left to flounder. Gggrrrrrrr.

Thanks for posting the link. I saw the article but didn’t get a chance to read it before.

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I’ve only been there once, but I really enjoyed it. I got this email about 10 days ago;

Will will continue to serve our Taco Survival Kits and bottled Margaritas, as well as many new items on our to-go menu, Tuesday - Sunday from 4pm - 8pm to serve…to go menu

"We hope you are all staying safe and healthy during these unsettling times. As you might have heard Gran Electrica opened last week for dine-in dinner service after being closed for 2+ months to the public. As excited as we were to slowly welcome our wonderful Napa community back inside our doors, we always knew this new style of COVID-19 service would be an immense challenge.

This was completely new territory for us as restaurant operators, and we took the recommended CDC guidelines very seriously. Unfortunately, after one week of dine-in service, we learned this new business model is simply not sustainable for Gran Electrica. First, even though we strictly followed the CDC COVID-19 guidelines, the safety of our staff was still at risk. Our staff were required to wear masks but the customers they served were not, because of this we found ourselves with staff that were anxious and uncomfortable coming into work (and understandably so). Second, having to close both our bars and operate the restaurant at the required 50% capacity was not financially viable. And last, we’ve built our reputation on being a fun, lively and energetic bar/restaurant and under the current COVID restrictions the environment and energy that we strive for was simply impossible to create.

These are surreal and uncertain times for us all and as difficult as this decision was, we feel confident that it was the right decision. We do hope to reopen in the future when more restrictions have been lifted and we can offer our staff a safe work environment and our customers an enjoyable dining experience.

That being said, we will continue to serve our Taco Survival Kits and bottled Margaritas, as well as many new items on our to-go menu, Tuesday - Sunday from 4pm - 8pm. Menu additions include…


• Chile Verde Tacos

• Duck Mole Tacos

• Albondigas de Pollo

• Chile Relleno

• Tres Leches

• For a limited time only, Frozen Chili Mango Margarita

We thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding during these difficult times and look forward to the day where we can greet our guests with a great big smile and an even bigger hug. Take care."

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