Grab Ly's Banh Mi coming to Scarsdale

There is a small storefront on Garth Road in Scarsdale with a sign in the window: Grab Ly’s Banh Mi. Coming Soon…

I hope it is better than the Bank Mi Shop in White Plains.

Yes … someone started a thread and posted about this here

It is good to see yet another Vietnamese option in Westchester. We will see…

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Has anyone gone to Grab Ly’s since they recently opened? How is it? Grab Ly’s Website

Would like to know before I invest.

I don’t think they are open yet. I went by a few days ago and they weren’t yet. Their facebook doesn’t mention it yet.

Hmmm… I’m still half asleep. Used yet to end three sentences.

Some people have reviewed the place on facebook and they said they were close to opening day in the beginning of February. Quite confused.

I’ve been updated that they might open mid-april or may

Those who have reviewed on facebook seem to be family and friends. Someone confronted them for shilling a week or two ago and got dogpiled and torched.

I love it (not) when that happens! The expensive steakhouse up here in Yorktown (formerly Spark Valley, now Hudson Valley) had a lot of friends/family reviews on their FB page.

So I saw the menu has been posted. Has anyone tried it? Looking forward to @JMF’s review.